Philip Michael Wolfson at
Covent Garden Super Design



American designer Philip Michael Wolfson presents limited edition pieces at Covent Garden Super Design, which opened in London last night (Wednesday).

Philip Michael Wolfson, who is exhibiting at the event with gallery The Apartment, describes his work as "dynamics of landscape formations and geometric movement". Top Image and Above: Line WallCurve


Above: Line table. Below: Soundforms


Covent Garden Super Design is a collaborative show featuring galleries The Apartment, Greenwich Village and Pierre Bergé & Associés. It takes place at No. 1 The Piazza, Covent Garden, London, from 16th-18th October 2008.

The following is from Philip Michael Wolfson:


Philip Michael Wolfson

Philip Michael Wolfson will be showing a series of pieces at Covent Garden Super Design in association with The Apartment gallery.


Covent Garden Super Design, now is in it’s second year, is an exhibition of one-off and limited edition pieces taking place in Covent Garden, No. 1 The Piazza, London, between 16th-18th October 2008. Above: Line table


Wolfson Design will be exhibiting works from three ‘series’ during the show examining a functional and sculptural approach to design, where the concept is derived from the dynamics of landscape formations and geometric movement. Above: Soundforms

LINE SERIES, An exploration of formal metamorphosis. Focusing on that ambiguous realm where different concepts are juxtaposed. It is more radical and more adventurous because it is suspended between sculpture and forms that may just conceivably be useable as furniture.

SOUNDFORM SERIES, SoundForms are conceived as a manifestation of energy giving a visual representation derived from the dynamics of a Wave Length. SoundForms are conceived as a visual or concrete poetry; studies where the visual representation of the "words" conveys an intended meaning or effect.

ORIGAMI, The Origami series looks at an abstraction of penetrating, folding, layering and juxtaposition of surfaces - static versus dynamic forces; a static moment of  suspended action, frozen from a manual of folds.

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  • J

    Very nice work :)

  • zuy

    i LOVE Philip Michael Wolfson origami art works ( design? )for galleries..

  • anonymous commenter

    I like the avionic quality of the wall piece.

  • Nice images/project!! And the prototipes when?

  • More projects at



  • contrary

    Just saw all of these pieces at SUPERDESIGN 2 exhibition in Covent Garden……sorry you couldn’t make it, laborfun! Try The Apartment gallery in London to see more of the real pieces-.9 Palace Court, London W2 4LP

    ..Tel: 0207 221 1422
    ..07984 420 743 / 07990 508 181

  • pmw

    Thanks to Richard Hartle and Max Nilov for their unbelievable support in getting these pieces made!!! And, you too, Patrick…!

  • I have worked with Max for a number of years and he is truly brilliant, a relatively unknown supertar from the snow tipped mountains of Russia, some belive him to be part of the underground KGB, how I know that he works with Michael. I love all the work shown and all the work that I have seen previously… keep up the good work guys, keep on inspiring people to live fuller and more productive lives