Brodie Neill at Covent Garden Super Design



Australian designer Brodie Neill presented two new furniture pieces at Covent Garden Super Design in London last week.


Remix chaise longue (above) is carved from laminated plastic, plywood, chipboard and fibreboard - some of which are reclaimed - using CNC machinery.


The Pop table (above) was designed digitally, manufactured using CNC technology and coated in carbon fibre.


Both pieces were presented with London-based The Apartment Gallery.


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The following is from Brodie Neill:


Brodie Neill at Covent Garden Super Design
October 15th- 18th 2008

The internationally acclaimed young designer Brodie Neill launches two new furniture designs with The Apartment Gallery for Covent Garden Super Design 2008.


Covent Garden Super Design returns this year to No.1 Piazza where an exhibition of limited edition design pieces will be presented to coincide with the Frieze Art Fair. Comprising three galleries, The Apartment(UK) Greenwich Village (UK) and Galerie Pierre Berge & associes. Covent Garden Super Design will showcase some of the most innovative and groundbreaking designs in the world today.


Remix by Brodie Neill (Above)
Remix is a low chaise lounge with organic shape carved from a mixture of reclaimed and sourced materials. The multicoloured pin stripe pattern includes various plastics as well as a range of plywoods, chipboards and fibreboards. The random mix is 5 axis CNC shaped from the one laminated block, insuring a single smooth organic surface with bold contour lines.


Pop Table by Brodie Neill
Pop is a dynamic table consisting of one seamless ribbon stretching from either end to form the configuration of a table with an almost fuse like friction. From the 3 points of contact the line skims around an orbit to create both form and structure. Conceived digitally and realised through CNC fabrication the Pop table is coated in carbon fibre and finished in a striking electric blue.


The Apartment Gallery
The Apartment Gallery is a private gallery located in Notting Hill London where design pieces by leading designers are showcased to collectors. It features work of both established and emerging designers including Ron Arad, Marc Newson, Ettore Sottsass, Ross Lovegrove, The Campana Brothers and many more.





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  • Azeem

    Love the Chaise lounge.

  • jed_

    that’s a really beautiful object but it’s not a chaise longue.

  • Modular

    +++ for the chaise longue. Impressive stuff.. I mean, it looks way cool :)

  • I loved the layered construction of these… ah… well… furniture? Well if he says it´s furniture it´s ok for me.
    Anyway… the multilayered construction with diferent materials is very beautiful.

  • kingmu

    clever objects. hitting all the most recent, popular points of design chatter.

  • gaque

    a huge amount of waste to CNC mill that table from one block. huge amount of waste..huge. i hope they did something with it.

  • I feel like caressing the surfaces.

  • zuy

    i’m Ok with Eduardo Baroni and jed , it’s art not furniture (chaise longue)…or ony rock is a lounge

  • I quite like the colourful sensuous surfaces.. :)

  • sam

    laminated chaise longue/sculpture is so beautiful, reminds me of the floor in my old school’s gymnasium. Does anyone know how much it is… would love to get my hands on one.

  • I agree. is a functional piece. Serves as art, furniture (chair, chaise, bank, garden), … The “law” today is that the interactivity that we seek with the materials.

  • pacharan

    the multilayered effect is so great.
    i wonder if Paul Smith will include it in his shops.

  • designer

    havent i seen this before? the patchwork lamp that was featured some time ago uses the same princible..

  • Laura

    Very cool technique, not keen on the shapes, everybody does these same shapes these days, I’m bored.

  • teebag

    Sorry to say but that turquoise table is totally a Zaha rip-off

  • Laura

    Yeah, reminded me of Zaha too but then this kind of stuff is everywhere. Come on, be designers, be professionals, create something with a function. Otherwise, do whatever but don’t then call yourselves designers. Designers should serve the audience and solve problems. And don’t rip us off!

  • zuy

    Brodie Neill is not a follower of Zara but it’s quite difficult because all what i will design will be considered as Zara’s works

  • Waste does not seem to be a concern for many of todays celebrity designers. Image is everything. Attention getting investment grade ‘BLING’ is the goal. The designs are created as ‘CRITICS LURES’. Novelty for a clientele with a short visual attention span. What has happened to focusing on the ‘SYMBOLIC’ and ‘PHYSICAL’ function of a design without sacrificing its aesthetic value.

    The ‘CINDERELLA’ table is an extreme example of the above criticisms . The @ chair, (my title for the chair- Approaching Mobius), by Brodie Neill and his Pop table,(my title for the table-Taffy Table), are also examples.

    Vacant virtuosity and facile complexity are ‘IN’.

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    How about: “Your comment is awaiting temporization.” or “Your comment is awaiting critical confirmation.”