When I Was Small by Tineke Beunders



Dutch designer Tineke Beunders of Ontwerpduo presents a suite of scaled-up dolls house furniture and objects at the Design Academy Eindhoven graduate show this month.


Called When I Was Small, the range includes a coathanger made of a giant paperclip and a dressing table with hinges resembling oversized nails.


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Here's some info from Design Academy Eindhoven, followed by a statement by the designer:


Designer: Tineke Beunders
Department: Man and Activity
Graduated: 2008
Website www.ontwerpduo.nl
Photo by Lisa Klappe


Project: When I was little
Description: This dressing table is a full-scale design in the formal idiom of a doll’s house. With rounded forms, unusual proportions, and a green coating give it a fairytale feel. Enlarging, a paper clip becomes a useful coat hanger and a nail, a decorative handle.


'When I was little...'
January 2008

Barbiedolls, playmobil and dollhouses... They have become too small for me, or I am too big for them. When I was little, I made accessories for my dolls. With these accessories and dolls I made stories. Ordinary everyday stories, with everyday things. Nowadays these stories are special memories. These special memories can be a part of our everyday life again.


Looking at my small toys and using their specific shapes and solutions I've redesigned and made my toys the adult size. And when you use my products in your daily life, you can't help to dream away sometimes...


Material(s): Wood, ceramics, glass, wool, metal.


Dimensions: About 160cm x 120cm x 45cm (h x w x d)


Design: Tineke Beunders


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  • romeo

    simply,direct. it’s poetry

  • modular

    Two dolls please.

  • The lack of a reflection in the mirror is a bit creepy.

  • trent

    beautifully playful

  • iamreply

    Does Eindhoven produce serious talent with a forseeable future or just fairytails and magazine photographs. Show me an efficient smart thinker.

  • tiffany

    iamreply: If the world only would produce efficient smart thinkers it would be a dull place to live on.

  • Like a fairy tale !! :)