Home.Haus by J Mayer H and Sebastian Finckh



German architects J Mayer H and Sebastian Finckh have completed Home.Haus, a foster home for children and adolescents in Hamburg, Germany.


The building is located next to a forest and has facilities for twelve girls in a mixture of single and shared rooms.


The home includes a sports and music room. There is also a toddlers' room, kitchen and living room.


Photographs by Dirk Fellenberg.

The following information is from J Mayer H Architects:


Home.Haus - Home for Children and Adolescent

Located near the edge of the forest in Hamburg, a new residential building is now finished as a home for children and adolescents. The characteristics of the building are based on a two colour relief facade embracing a compact house volume. A central staircase penetrates the division between floors in favour of communication to create a central open space for the community.


J Mayer H Architects with Sebastian Finckh
Project Team: Juergen Mayer H, Sebastian Finckh (Project-Architect), Marcus Blum.


Location: Hamburg-Bergedorf, Germany
Project: 2007-2008
Completion: October 2008
Client: Stiftung “Unternehmer Helfen Kindern”, Vorstand: Andreas Barke
User: Städtischer “Landesbetrieb Erziehung und Berufsbildung” (LEB), Hamburg


Architect on Site: Arch 3, Dirk Reinisch, Berlin
Structural Engineers: WTM Engineers, Hamburg
Fire Protection: HAHN Consult, Hamburg
Building Services: Energiehaus Ingenieure, Hamburg
Landscape Architects: Breimann & Bruun, Hamburg











homehaus - layout key

01 - room
02 - bathroom
03 - technical service
04 - hallway
05 - eat-in kitchen
06 - washing and drying room
07 - sports and music room
08 - storage room
09 - basement staircase and hallway
10 - infant room
11 - attendance room
12 - larder
13 - office
14 - vestibule
15 - living zone
16 - kitchen and dining zone
17 - staircase ground floor
18 - emergency accomodation
19 - play and study room
20 - staircase upper floor
21 - staircase attic floor





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  • Axel


    Are you serious? Whatever you guys think is tasteful in terms of color or shape – but this entrance door seriously lacks of style, compassion and providence. It is simply careless and stupid. This is where you get to know Mr.Mayer´s and Mr.Finckh´s personality..

  • Nacho goano

    nice building, shame the chosen colours and the entrance is just sad…

  • Looks really akward…

  • kingmu

    This is so incredibly satisfying… so warm, yet unique. It redefines what the skin of a house should be… or, could be. It suggests order without an overly strict implication. Combining a compartmentalized visual system with humanizing shapes is inspired.

  • m:D

    sorry to start off negative, but that is just ugly, maybe the idea isn’t bad, but the materials and color don’t do it any favors

  • Tyler

    I love it. It is playful without being over the top and the interiors are very clean. Makes me think of Venturi’s “decorated shed” idea.

  • edward

    I guess the idea was to be playful, and the interiors are nice, but I can’t help but wonder if the unique exterior treatment is a good idea in a home for kids that must feel some sense of stigma. Pop physiology I know, but I just wonder.

  • Oskar Skubiszewski

    brilliant and funny.

  • ah… J. Mayer, i like it…

  • kja

    no exterior photos? only renderings?..

  • Azeem

    The purpose & function of the Place is more impportant than its design.It would be good if it was a little cheerful.

  • A.S.

    Denari early ninetys… too bad

  • tman

    I really like the risks that this work takes. He makes these seemingly simple cartoon buildings real, and with compelling detailing. Because of the focus on detail this Architecture really works.

  • Martin R

    I really like the interior.. and the concept seems nice.. but the colour.. hmm (only in Germany)

  • Mathias

    I like the plan, but the facade is where I got lost.

  • That building seems to be a renovation from outside – but it isn’t…..what excatly is the concept of that house? If it really is a good concept, the architect could tell the story in 3 sentences. So the house might have a “funny” expression, what maybe hasn’t much to do with stable architecture…

  • WD


  • some bloke


  • Lego Land

  • tommi

    not sure about d’ colours

  • John

    Cartoonish and innovative

  • AP

    Colors fit for a fast food restaurant, a bizarre take on the ‘orphanage’ and so out of place in the landscape.

  • i love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i wanna liv there its cool
    it looks likee selotape at first but the inside is lush