Patty Johnson for Mabeo Furniture



Here are more images of work by Canadian designer Patty Johnson for Botswanan manufacturer Mabeo Furniture, which was shown at 100% Design in London this year.


Johnson's work is produced in Mabeo's factory in Botswana's rapidly expanding capital Gaborone.


See Johnson's Tswana chair, based on a traditional Botswanan chair, in our earlier story. Above: Maun Windsor Chair



Above: Soso cabinets



Above: Peo Bowl


Above: ThuThu stool


Above: Simple bench


Above: Simple table






Posted on Wednesday November 12th 2008 at 12:24 am by Rob Ong. Copyright policy | Comments policy

  • Some really fantastic work coming from Botswanan, very nice!

  • Boeing777

    Brilliant, simple and beautiful. Classic lines with character. L U V it.

  • One

    Briliant indeed. What a great way to move Africa forward! Design as the medium!!!

  • modular

    Nice work!

  • jeff K

    really gorgeous stuff, and a great story. If I actually earned enough money to buy new furniture I would buy it all! Thuthu stool and Maun Windsor Chair in a natural finish are particularly great for me.

  • Simple, beautiful and sustentable.
    It`s design!!

  • ujo

    I wanna be botsuwanan

  • Ali

    Are the readers of this blog becoming less intelligent or am I mistaken?

    Congratulations to Patty Johnson! who deserves a pat on the back for her good deeds in saving Africa with Westernness

  • Xit

    Damn nice chair, I wish i’d designed it

  • This is a beautiful furniture is it available in Botswana,where cos I’m staying in Maun,Botswana

  • yammy

    Patty’s work is always great. She is an even better professor. I think her ability to construct a narrative from the object and showcase that approach is what has made her such a valuable canadian designer and great professor at OCAD. While I was being taught by here she had been slaving for many years already on this project. Its great that she is being recognized for her work.

  • Levi

    @ Ali – Yes, you’re mistaken – those are all photographs.

  • Levi

    oops, thought you said renders…

  • What a great project
    primarily for the Botswanan aid community
    secondly for Patty Johnson’s great design
    and finally that a Canadian designer gets such recognition

    merry christmas