Trestle by TAF



Swedish designers TAF Arkitektkontor have designed a collection of adjustable furniture called Trestle, which was shown at the Cibone gallery as part of Design Tide Tokyo earlier this month.


The trestles have cast supports at the joints and can be combined with timber elements to create different furniture forms.


"It is about sustainability, timelessness and a dynamic function," says Mattias Ståhlbom of TAF. "The wooden part is replaceable and can be cut for different heights and needs."


Photographs by Joakim Bergström.


The following is from TAF:


To live a life with an object. Through a lifetime you have lots of different needs and wishes. We would like to believe that choosing a piece of furniture is not about the owners age.


It is about sustainability, timelessness and a dynamic function. Due to the cast reinforcement, like support stockings, the durability increases. The wooden part is replaceable and can be cut for different heights and needs.


Title: Trestle
Object: Trestle
Client: CiboneDesign: TAF Gabriella Gustafson & Mattias Ståhlbom
Date: 2008

More about TAF Arkitektkontor on Dezeen:.



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Posted on Friday November 14th 2008 at 5:19 pm by Rob Ong. Copyright policy | Comments policy

  • Justin

    This design is aesthetically pleasing. I can appreciate the idea of the wooden legs being replaceable, and how that ties in with “sustainability, timelessness and a dynamic function”.

    One detail I take issue with however is the fact that the legs fit into the cast elements in a mortise and tenon fashion. To replace the legs, one would have to have the skills and equipment (or of course, the funds) to produce wooden legs that can’t simply be bought, cut to length, and inserted. Of course one could just use stock lumber, but the overall ‘look’ of these pieces would change, and the effect of timelessness would be lost.

  • Ry

    These are the most attractive sawhorses I have ever seen.

  • Peter

    A simple part and visually strong detail that is the heart of the product. Lovely.

  • Please check my site*
    to find a Version which takes similar aesthetics and functions into account.

    I think too many options kill the design, no matter how bold the colours are…

  • mikaël

    Although only a hand saw and an hour are needed to cut tenons (mortises are another story) I tend to agree with Justin. Never the less, great looking project which incorporates traditional techniques with industrial process in an innovative way. me likee

  • zuy

    it’s original , it’s a signature

  • Never mind the sustainability talk and just give us the table.
    It is actually good enough to stand on its own.

  • l. brathwaite

    Well timed given the current economic situation!

  • gaque

    no, let’s mind the sustainability talk, because its one of the most important issues we face today.

    i would buy these joints. im surprised they arent sold already at home depot. arent they?

    flip sellin, i checked out your furniture and didnt find a similar design. which project is it?

  • nice blue..