Wireless router vase by STC



Saudi Arabia-based telecommunications company STC have designed a wireless internet router that can also be used to hold flowers.


"The STC Router successfully bridges the gap between lifestyle and technology with it’s flower vase functionality," say the designers.


The following is from Saudi Telecom:


STC (Saudi Telecom) was in need for a unique router design that would provoke a positive emotional response. Wireless internet, Voice over IP, land line telephone and wired DSL are all incorporated into this elegant device.


Posted on Friday November 21st 2008 at 2:36 pm by Matylda Krzykowski. Copyright policy | Comments policy

  • Will this kill the myth that the electromagnetic radiation associated with wireless devices harms living organisms?

    And I do love this quote : “The STC Router successfully bridges the gap between lifestyle and technology with it’s flower vase functionality.” Finally! Its what I’ve been waiting for ever since my eggbeater/iPod failed to bridge the gap between lifestyle and technology.

  • How stupid I have been! Until today I’ve just layed flowers directly on top of my router, but with this invention my life will change! Fantastic!

  • B

    my internet router can also be used as a paper weight:-)

    what is it with designers??..as soon as it can hold an orchid it’s a vase?

  • Roger

    water and electrical appliances? hmm

  • Jonathan End

    …is it really that important to have flowers on the top of your router?

  • Brian

    Why just a flower vase? Paperclips, rubber bands, doritos the list goes on!

    Wow, I can use it for my famous guacamole dip! We can all gather around the SERVER, AHa! it can be used as a networking server as well as a Guacamole SERVER!

    I hope they use a good DPM to prevent shot circuiting!



  • the truth

    this could be a cool concept if it just looked like a nice vase with no stupid branding and buttons on the front. HIDE THEM!

    ohhh i love your STC vase.


  • That vase will look really great with a half dozen wires trailing out the side, down the minimalist table near a wall and into a cable track. Oh right, vases are usually decorative objects that act as centerpieces that contain flowers to help freshen up a space, not containers that need to be near outlets and such.

    I would completely dig this if somehow the vase used the water medium to transmit or receive wireless signals to turn a flower into an antenna. Otherwise this is a very stranger electrical fire waiting to happen.

  • quik

    water resistant LAN sockets?..

  • Eric

    This could have had potential. Move the logo and the status lights to the back with the ports, and get rid of the seams, and you could disguise the router as a vase. The way it is, it still looks like ugly router. It is just sprouting flowers.

  • ARRG

    Doesn’t merit comment. Oops.

  • i feel like it will look silly once you have all those cords plugged in. And in my experience routers are usually near the wall, close to the wall and the things it plugs into… not out in the open. All that aside I think the intent to integrate a somewhat mundane technology item into an interior environment is good… but maybe combining two functions into one is silly. Can’t a router just be a router? and a vase a vase?

  • Marcel W.

    Hey ! I also designed a mobile phone which could be used as a vase !
    but there was a problem when you answered…

  • brian

    it also looks like a nuclear cooling tower. if you photoshopped this into a landscape it’d look like the beginning of a botanical horror movie.

  • skiliftsjenkins


    roll on careless groggy morning watering of plants
    and ensueing arguements with housemates

  • oxo

    Are you kidding me? After industrial, graphic, media etc. there should be founded a new department for designers – gadget design. Seriously

  • Tyler

    This is really… really funny.

  • Marisa

    Remove the hideous logo and it might be usable. Otherwise, I’ll pass on prominantly displaying the telecom’s logo in my living room.

  • George

    Awesome! very well done…anybody knows where can I buy one of this?

  • A wireless router flower pot that tells you the conditions of the plant and light over your LAN. That would be useful. You could even VPN to tell it to release water or vitamins while away, useful for caring for orchids. Then daisy chain other pots like a network hub. Perhaps with a wireless router and LAN, you could control window shades to control the amount of light as well. That’s one seemingly foolish idea inspiring another.

  • zuy

    it’s more a nuclear plan typology than a vase

  • Where can I find this at STC’s site http://www.stc.com.sa/cws/portal/en/ ??
    You are publishing this as facts and I could not find the source

  • zuy

    … and with flower it’s tropical flower it’s not only funny

  • Bob

    This is really great, where can I get one and how soon?
    How much to ship to USA?

  • marcos

    i’ll never put flower there…so bad taste!

  • Really cool design, wish more gadgets come with cool design.

  • danny

    well, this made me laugh!

  • oops

    some dry ice and we’re set.

  • gjo

    u’ll thrashin it cuz its arab? uglier designs have been lauded as better than taj mahal on this very site.. if ur a designer.. dont be biased.. i personally think it adds charm to the router.. forgot how hideous routers are?

  • aut

    well, congratulation guys: it´s the ugliest vase AND the biggest router in one !

  • GaMa

    My stomach hurts from laughing……….definiltely to most amusign thread so far, some of you guys should be stand up comedians!
    Dezeen, please do puts more ridiculous design, it just made my day!

  • mama

    This would have to be from Saudi Arabia wouldn’t it?

  • Youst another stupid gatget! Obviously made to get people to stand it where they can se it, and there by get a lot of free adverteisment space inside peoples houses!
    Why not make it so small that it could be hidden in side a vase instead?

  • Jem

    So I guess they are kinda sending us the message that we should put our routers under the sun? I theres a flower on top no harm done??

  • DW

    You comenteers are so full of hate.

    I think it’s cute. It’s just a bit of fun. You can pretend you’re in some kitsch 1960s sci-fi future world.

    LOOK at my new flowers, I just picked them from the flower market ON THE MOOOOON…


    Lighten up, design snobs!

  • My..My, I think they should work on making their network and connection become better instead of thinking about a stupid router that can hold flowers.

    God how did we reach this point, this is so silly =S.!!

  • Uni

    Nice concept, you are right Manal.. we look to have better Network. since mobily and zain are really bad. i’m a citizen and suffering from the new tow companies.
    STC has the finest network … after i try the others.

  • I consider it ts a elegant design.

  • Brian



  • Alon

    I think it’s plain georgous,
    it’s amazing for those offices that try and keep the cable and hi-tech jungle out of tact…

  • Steven

    Dude! It looks like a nuclear powerplant http://www.inkycircus.com/jargon/images/nuclear_power_plant.gif

  • Marsha

    I love it! Frankly, it looks a lot better than any router that I’ve ever used, even if it doesn’t meet the design standards for a typically “attractive” vase (psst – I have a feeling that it isn’t supposed to simply look like another vase). You people need to lighten up a bit. Perhaps it’s intended to look like a nuclear power plant’s cooling tower, and so what if it has its manufacturer’s logo on the front. As it’s the first of its kind, I doubt it violates any established criteria for router-vases. Talk about a conversation piece! I want one.

  • HIND

    hmmmm.. really it has no function and there is no new invention but it looks quite nice ^^

    well. i do live in Saudi but i dont find any ?!
    So…. is it true?
    plz make sure about that!!

    it is not shown even in the site :S

  • docpi

    I predict a disproportionately high number of unfortunate events involving careless or unassuming housekeepers and badly aimed refilling attempts

  • Daniel

    All I need now is some baking soda and vinegar and my kid has his science far project.