Applause Machine by Martin Smith



British artist Martin Smith of Laikingland has designed a device for producing applause at the touch of a button.


According to the designer, the machine was created “for when your ideas are great but no one else agrees.”

The following information is from Martin Smith:


Laikingland is a creative collaboration based in both the UK and The Netherlands. We design and manufacture beautifully crafted kinetic objects. Our first product the Applause Machine is designed by British artist Martin Smith. Just press the button and the Applause Machine enthusiastically claps its hands for you. Martin's design was created “for when your ideas are great but no one else agrees.”


The Applause Machines manufactured by Laikingland are available in a range of five rather splendid colours. They are a beautiful and original way to say “Well Done”, “Congratulations” or quite simply “Thank You.” The Applause Machines are currently available on line at and stockists include Yorkshire Sculpture Park and The Harley Gallery in the UK and Hot Ice ConFUSION in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.


Laikingland is a creative collaboration, based in both the UK and The Netherlands, whose intention is to design and manufacture beautifully crafted kinetic objects that engage, and evoke a sense of play and nostalgia.


The company is built upon a life long friendship between artist, Martin Smith and engineer, Nick Regan. “Our work represents our interest in humour, craftsmanship and narrative. Each of our designs tells a particular story of celebration. Our hope is that each piece will continue to be celebrated in the lives of our customers.


The company goal is to make Laikingland’s products available to customers around the world. New designs by invited artist/designers will be developed and launched annually.


We will manage our business through various international retail networks and support it by building long-term constructive relationships with our UK suppliers, our highly talented team of associates and the skilled craftsmen who assemble our products in the North of England.




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  • er

    where can i get one of these ?

  • stev

    clap… … clap … clap… (slow version)

  • mvb

    It seems like Leonardo da Vinci had designed this automaton 500 years ago. Actually there are a lot of digital keyboards to do the same pushing a botton. Funny to decorate retro pubs or mental hospitals…:)

  • I could use one as an alarm clock…
    I’d love to see a video of them in action!

  • Ali

    Really sweet, like a Bruno Munari machine come to life.

  • m;as

    everything in this is beautiful: the gesture, the object itself, the humour. and its even almost affordable.

  • when your ideas are great but no one else agrees——oh, it happens, I ‘d like to have such a machine in my study room to encourage meself, and another one in my living room to welcome friends, I love mechanical things rather than electronic things.

  • cgcg

    “According to the designer, the machine was created ‘for when your ideas are great but no one else agrees.'” He’s setting himself up, right?

  • Andy


  • To see the Applause Machine in action, check out You Tube.

    You can buy them online at Laikingland or at one of the stockists.

  • eduardo

    does it have a “booing” machine?
    one needs balance in life….

  • jed_


    …unfortunately you can hear the mechanism but not the applause. perhaps that is apt.

  • Martin

    Here is a much better movie of the Applause Machine: