New York Residence by Iosa Ghini Associati



Milan-based architects Iosa Ghini Associati have designed an extension to a hotel in Budapest, Hungary, called New York Residence.


The project comprises an extension to the adjacent New York Palace Boscolo Hotel, including 60 new rooms and a floor of offices.


A conference centre attached to the hotel will include an auditorium to seat 500 people, while a commercial gallery and business centre will occupy the ground floor of the building.


140 residential apartments will be located between the first and seventh floors.


Construction is due for completion in June 2009.


The following information is from Iosa Ghini Associati:



A new building ‘New York Residence’ designed by the Iosa Ghini Associates is under construction and will be ready next june 2009 in Budapest adjacent to New York Palace Hotel.


The project includes four main parts: The expansion of the New York Palace Boscolo Luxury Hotel including sixty new rooms as well as a floor for office use.


The conference centre, that will include a 500 seats Auditorium with adjacent business and leisure areas. The conference centre will be connected to the business areas of the New Palace Hotel designed by Iosa Ghini Associati.

The ground floor will have a large Commercial Gallery and business centre, with five entrances that will connect the hotel to the boulevard Erzsébet korut to Rackozi Ut, where there will be the new building, drawing and enveloping visitors with artistic lines.

Lastly, the project will also comprise 140 condominiums including penthouses with large balconies.The apartments are designed with flair and particular attention to material and details.The residential apartments are of two types: simplex and duplex.Simplex condos, from the first to the fifth floor, are with areas of 30 Sqm to 90 Sqm.Duplex condos will be on the sixth and seventh floor, with areas of 70 to 100 Sqm. All duplexes have large balconies.The design of the apartments are characterized by the fluidity of the lines of the gibs layers.

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  • Jonathan

    Amazing work! The most promising example of design I’ve seen in a while.

  • Martin

    Cool.. this building wouldnt look out of place on the Chengou track in Wipeout HD on ps3 :-)

  • Vla

    Looks very promising,especially if they manage to keep colours and materials they way they are now when it gets built!
    I woudl suggest omitting that lonely roof-supporting coloumn (in the corner view).

  • A.S.

    very denari, maybe 10 years ago, but now?

  • Rockstar

    you kiddin me? this must be a young student project or some amateur.
    If this is for real then good luck with the Value Engineering process where all the decoration design’ will be stripped away.

  • batman

    it would be great in gotham

  • I really like it, except the wierd roof bit?! Looks nicer if I imagine it without it!

    Martin- you so right, does remind me of Wipeout!

  • DeeDee

    Guys, i live at Budapest… dont worry, the concret frame is already built, but the exterior and interior is still not started.. it is standing there like a skeleton for about 2 1-2years.. Probably the local autorhites cut the project… maybe they will finnish but 2009 is not real. There must be huge financial or design premmisson problems…

    :) anyway, it would be extream in the city view but i think we can handel it with a smile :D

  • aloci

    I think this is a dangerous design solution if we consider the surroundings and the existing world famous Hotel New York

    Personnaly I dont like the facade concept. It is very undeveloped, messy it is more like a shopping mall then a luxury hotel.

  • y

    Had it been a shopping mall, perhaps the ‘futuristic’ feel would have been more appropriate… But residence? I’d never want to live in anything like this.

  • harry redknapp

    i don’t know how anyone can claim this to be good design based on these highly aestheticised images. Where is the intelligence? Who cares about the “fluidity of the lines of the gibs layers” or the our post-credit economy? as martin says, it belongs in the virtual world… and i hope it stays there…

  • uff nice piece of work, hope that he has enough sponsors xD

  • J

    It’s too much.

  • m:D

    Denari meets Graves . . ouch

  • Freddy_C

    c’mon…. would really like to live in there?

  • amsam

    Yeah, nice on paper but…

    Oddly for something called “New York residence” it doesn’t look anything like any part of New York. More like Dubai.

  • croftdesign

    I enjoy the interior of the space. Perhaps I’m too serious, but the exterior is a little too ornamental. Are we headed backwards to ornament? Is this their response to 19th and early 20th C. ornament?

  • OLGV.

    I like it, I find it really “FAIR” :P

  • zenit

    it remins me on Lace Apartments by OFIS arhitekti, but far worse

  • torok

    Please look at this picture of New York Palace, Budapest, and then look at the planned building, so you know that it can only be a bad joke…

    No wonder the surroundings can’t be seen on the visualizations. I wouldn’t dare to compare the new and the old.

  • davvid

    Seems immature and totally incoherent

  • amazing work..especially leveling in composition…it seems like electronic card

  • Bubblebee