Piu tableware by Patrick Frey



German designer Patrick Frey has designed a collection of tableware called Piu for German manufacturers Authentics.


The range includes thermos jugs, porcelain tableware and glasses.


The thermos jug can also be used as a tea pot by inserting a stainless steel strainer.


The tableware is available in black, white, grey and turquoise, while the jugs are available in black and white. Saucers are sized to act as lids for the bowls in the range.


The following text is from Authentics:


PIU designed by Patrick Frey

The PIU series brings a consistent design of tableware, glass and thermos jug to your table.


Despite their different materials, the elegant, slightly waisted PIU thermos jug of high-gloss plastic and the equally waisted PIU porcelain tableware with matching glassware exhibit a homogeneous quality.


Thanks to its intelligent plop-top closure with silicone membrane, the thermos jug can be opened and closed using just one hand.


Whether for conference table or dining table, you can rely on PIU’s vacuum glass insert to maintain the temperature of hot or cold drinks.


With the matching, stainless steel tea strainer insert, the thermos jug also makes a perfectly adequate teapot.


The PIU thermos jug can be taken apart in a matter of seconds, making it easy to clean, inside and out.


It takes a full litre and is available in white and black.


PIU tableware comprises dinner plates (Ø 27 cm), soup plates (Ø23cm), dessert plates (Ø 21 cm), bowls (Ø 26 and 20 cm), small bowls (Ø 14 cm), egg cups (Ø 5.5 cm), mugs for coffee or tea, cups and saucers, espresso cups, milk jug and sugar bowl, as well as three square platters (15 x 15 cm, 15 x 34 cm, 32 x 26 cm).


Incidentally: saucers can be used as lids for bowls and small bowls. For example, the 27 cm plate fits the 26 cm bowl, or the espresso saucers the sugar bowl. The tableware is available in black, white, grey and turquoise. The matching glassware comprises drinking glasses (0.25 and 0.4 l), a carafe (0.75 l) and two vases and is available in turquoise, black and clear.


Client: Authentics
Design: Patrick Frey
Date: 2008

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  • Matt

    I would love to have a complete set. This would be a pleasure to own for the rest of my life.

  • Clifford

    Stelton classic

  • ambroise

    Have a look at http://www.makiohasuike.com/ita/home.html
    and you will see the same exact cups….
    i have been working on it 2 years ago.

  • Ola

    Not a Stelton Classic. The stelton classic opens the lid for you when you pour, have less parts and makes replacement of the glass a laugh by just squeezing the top of the container.

    That is Classical!

  • jek

    ambroise, had a quick look, couldn’t find anything similiar….

    website was impossible to browse….

  • Xit

    ^I think Ambroise’s beef lies in the kitchenware section of the site under the Richell project (image2).

    Yes the handle is very similar but IMO doesn’t create the thread for the collection as with PIU, which uses the same handle for all articles.

  • Peter

    You always have to see/feel the real product, but it looks like a nice family, with the thermos as my favourite. We do not know yet if this has the power to become a classic. Regarding Stelton, they are by no means perfect. Don´t remind me of the poor plastic material that is eternally coloured by coffee after using them once.

    If you mean the “Posa” cup from the mentioned website, i´d say it´s rather paranoid to say this is exactly the same design – there´s not even a hint of the cone shape there which defines the “Piu” tableware above. I remember an older series by Authentics that was a bit similar, though, also with some reminiscences to Wagenfeld.

  • mama
  • jek

    hmm, thanks Xit – ok, similar yes but only in the handle, and as the handle’s angle is slightly different I wouldn’t ever have spotted it had it not been pointed out to me. The thickness also seems different, more flat on the PIU collection… heck, why am I writing so much on this, whaddo I know…? : )

  • Luxury Larry

    The thermos jugs reminds too much on the Stelton.