Robots by Rusti D. at R 20th Century

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Design Miami 08: more from New York gallery R 20th Century at Design Miami last week, this time Robots by designer Rusti D.


The figures are made from re-appropriated objects and components. Above: Robot with orange antennae and green arms, created using re-appropriated materials. Designed by Rusti D., Argentina, 2008. 7" (H)  (SM2627).


Above: Robot with red helmet and jetpack, created using re-appropriated materials. Designed by Rusti D., Argentina, 2008. 8" (H)  (SM2578).


Above: Robot with striped body, gray helmet and pale green cane, created using re-appropriated materials. Designed by Rusti D., Argentina, 2008. 6" (H)  (SM2600).


Here's a bit of text from the gallery:


Rusti D. (Argentina) designs and makes playful figures created from found and gifted materials, primarily broken or unused toys, and industrial plastic parts. Loosely classified as Robots, the colorful, animated figures offer a refreshing take on figurative sculpture and toy design.



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  • CK TheJunction

    Nice one, they remind me of the movie “Robots”

  • K. Rimane

    hehe, i love the skinny legs but that’s where it ends.
    This ain’t design to me.

  • mama

    This is a truly wonderful, wonderful idea.

  • davvid

    i must be missing something

  • christianbarnardlandscapestudio

    Every Christmas I fashion similar figures out of the remains of unwanted christmas crackers. I allow myself the duration of the dinner and dessert for the build with final submission post coffee and tea. Everyone looks forward to it each year and it is gaining momentum. Thank you for the continued inspiration Rusti D. I think I will step it up this year.

  • omar


  • http://- yedytey


  • Hemi

    Really love em. At first found it a bit surprising to see this on Dezeen.. but the more I think about it, the more refreshing this is. Could even be viewed as a study in “open source” toy design..

  • LOW

    LOL the ones with the jetpack RULE!