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Design Miami 08: British designer Tom Dixon exhibited a collection of furniture made from flame-cut steel during Design Miami earlier this month.


The collection includes a swing-seat, table, chair, chaise, and baby's high-chair and cot, all created using a process normally employed to produce tanks, submarines and safes.


The furniture was designed for the grounds of Sudeley Castle, near Cheltenham in the UK.


More information in our previous story.


Here's some text from Tom Dixon:


Flame Cut Series

An installation of unfeasibly heavyweight furniture where Dixon challenges our ideas of acceptable materials, processes and notions of fitness for purpose. Little concession has been made to practicality or functionality, apart from the ironic reference to flat-pack furniture.


The furniture was created for the grounds of the 14th century Sudeley Castle. The historic setting bears the scars of 700 years of warring factions that destroyed all traces of the furnishing of earlier generations.

Tom has used the industrial process of flame cutting steel, which is traditionally used for manufacturing tanks, submarines and bank safes. Solid enough to resist the inconvenience of civil conflict and world wars and durable enough for the next 1000 years.

Table  10+AP
Chair  12+AP
Chaise  12+AP
Swing 08+AP
Cot 08+AP
High Chair 08+AP

Exhibiting: Design Miami 2nd-6th Dec 2008

Collins building, Design District, 39th Street, 2nd Ave, Miami

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  • bence

    hmmm so this is the most sustainable project one can imagine….great!

  • ldogge

    not practical or functional and perhaps not LEED certified…but artistically it is very interesting. I like it.

  • Atticus

    I love Tom Dixon – He is a hardcore designer / artist / explorer. A truly original BadAss.

  • Xit

    Sunstainable because its too heavy to throw away :)

  • Azm

    Furniture recovered from torture chambers??

  • Marcel W.

    the Addams family in Ibiza…

  • gualberto

    um “que” de hannibal lecter … horrible !!

  • Will

    A Toddlers electric chair! Chapman brothersesque

  • Terri

    when everything will be designed like this, we can go back to producing our own food again. no other production needed. looping with history. *

  • m

    I love it!

  • Jon

    Very well done, I think this is some of Tom Dixon’s best work.

  • tiffany

    sustainable? or waste of material?