Red houses by Group8



Architects Group8 have completed three houses in Crans-Près-Céligny, Switzerland.


The houses are constructed from red, poured concrete.


Each house has a sheltered loggia on the first floor as well as an open terrace.


Here's some text from Group8:


Red Houses

The invasion of the individual villa type can be seen as a 'plague' or as the inevitable result of a continuous hybrid landscape; a landscape composed with nostalgic ideas of a country side that has been planned too much and a ever-growing suburban sprawl. The position of the architect in this case is delicate. Should he work within the given reality of this deteriorated situation? Or should he fight against it –refuse to build in this density and typology?


The red houses place themselves in this type of problem, planting another object in this saturated suburban landscape. In this case, the purpose would be not to build an object but a small 'ensemble': a  little community of  individuals who can, through the new scale of the intervention, constitute a good mixture of urban and landscape architecture.


The placing of the three unities follows that logic. Searching for the best orientation and geometrical relation among each other, the volumes appear as a geological landscape, somehow as if the whole settlement was thought out as a garden with three important stones.


These stones are earthy red. The coloured concrete gives that irregular impression of a material that has been poured and will evolve and change over the years. The colour works also as a distinctive characteristic in order to separate the ensemble from the surrounding  eclectic architectures.


The geometry and the volume of each houses serves another purpose: to propose a rich typology, capable of creating an experience of diversity of spaces inside the appartments. The important loggias in each volume enhance this idea. Not only the villas possess exterior terraces but they also have these big loggias, and protected exterior space.


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  • scarpasez

    Sophisticated but playful. Good stuff!

  • ness

    not so red on the interior …

  • As ness pointed out – you wouldn’t even know you were in the same house – I would have loved to have seen the playful (thanks scarpasez) colour continued through the house –

    I do love the exterior though – That rusty looking red is amazing- I haven’t seen that done with concrete before.
    That huge window above the dining table is also particularly astonishing when looking from the in, out and vice versa.

  • dj


  • gaque

    This is really nice! The landscape also appears quite great.

  • fergus

    Again would love to see some plans, sections and a site plan. looks interesting though. the swiss do love their pigmented concrete.

  • stststst

    i think i really like this, texture, setting, the wonderful loggias…but I agrre to fergus, to understand that completely you need plans….