Goldhawk Village by Peter Barber Architects



Peter Barber Architects have won a competition to design a new urban quarter at Goldhawk Road in London.


The development will feature 68 homes set around pedestrian streets.


Here's a little bit of info from the architects:




Peter Barber Architects, with Places for People Developments, have this week been announced as winners of a high profile competition run by the London Borough of Hammersmith & Fulham to design a high density urban quarter of 68 homes in Goldhawk Road.


Goldhawk Village is a network of intimately scaled streets widening into a little square. A density of 240 dwellings per hectare is achieved through a radical reworking of the traditional ‘back-to-back’ terraced house.



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  • waka

    seems quite similar to their Donnybrook Quarter. that might be a good thing!

  • modular

    I’m speechless. This won?

  • eric luyckx

    what a “fresh air” : an architect who present a concept with simple pencil drawings !

  • Floorplans of 51 sqm – 69 sqm GIA?? Multitude of very complex corner solutions… typical floor plans that seem like the exception looking at the site plan… Come on Brits, when are you catching up with the Dutch?!!! Like the sketches!

  • Anon

    My lil sister does better.

  • ary indra

    was it hand drawn? the tintin-esque style presentation is a refreshing departure from the achingly crisp computer generated drawing.

  • nomad

    nice to see that you can still win a competition without the aid of a high end rendering firm.

  • Boo

    Looks attractive in the sketches. Even friendly! And like it might have room for a person to own some books and more than one change of clothes.

  • LOW

    There’s something about hand rendering that just adds something special to a project, a warmth that cannot be achieved by using only computer models.

  • Jeremiah

    The concept is nice, though not necessarily a revolution in modern dwelling, but i think the the graphics are amazing. The simple, almost cartoon-like graphics communicate the concept clearly and contrast greatly with the photo realistic renderings and CAD drawings that have become the norm.

  • plopp

    Who wants a 69 sq m apartment divided on 4 floors? 25% of the apartment is stairs….

    • Chase Miller

      Designers who have their head up their ass.

  • Tim

    I don’t think hand sketches as competition material is not that “new” or “refreshing”: it’s just another tool. And if you don’t see those tools more often, you are probably only looking at the results of high-end big-shot international competitions.

    Oh, and I definitely have to agree with plopp: to me, it doesn’t make much sense to divide a relatively small floor area over four floors…

  • gaque

    anyone else see the japanese influence?

  • Crusty the Clown

    Stairs are not accessible for the Handicapped!

    Will Europe ever catch up with the States regarding equal access for the disabled?

    It's like y'all are living in medieval times – no cars and no wheelchairs

    • Paulo

      Europe doesn’t do homogeneity my friend. But by law, 10% of all houses in any development have to be fully disabled accessible and also ‘Lifetime Homes’, which basically equates to adaptability throughout their life. Research before commenting next time!

      • Felix Tannenbaum

        This is a much better building scheme for the handicapped, I think.

        Stairs are a very healthy and a nice architectural feature that are all but extinct here in the states.

  • nickthegreek


  • Indi

    The ‘hand sketches’ have the look of something at the very least drawn over a CAD drawing, or scanned in and then coloured with Photoshop. Very effective but not quite the real touchy-feely deal.

    Not all apartments need to be huge, or all in a development accessible to people with mobility difficulties. Typical means just that. And a biog Hey Hey to Krusty- maybe you wouldn’t want a car if you lived there!

  • m

    Nice to dee a competition winner who did not spend ££££ on super realistic renders, but manage to convey a nice atmosphere of the environment they are proposing. Well done.

  • Wonderful. Not only the concept of car-free compact and friendly city, but the presentation as well.

  • Milly

    Yes the sketch presentation is very refreshing, but where is the design, surely we can be a bit more creative than that, just look at Hollland!!. And in my experience living in a flat split over 4 floors does not work…

  • huff

    the comments say so much about dezeen and its readership, its all about images.
    One of the most successful aspects of this scheme, and indeed peter barber’s previous work, are their engagement with the urban environment, they are very human spaces, they engage the occupier with the street and the surrounding community, this is presumably the reason why they won.

  • David Zutta

    heyy, a think this is a new concept for the representation, the architecture must be always revolutionary, whit new things, evolutive, and the people think that the architecture whit rare forms is very good, but this architecture is an show, whit farandula.

  • Abdelatif

    Oh, very good presentation, but not only ! the spaces hierarchy and the humanist and complexe design contrasts with the cold habitat units that we often saw !
    I only regrete that all buildings are the same and there isn’t a lot of customisation.
    I learnt something today.
    excuse my bad english !

  • jpf

    incredibly beautiful, complex and modest.

  • alban

    Went past the site recently – some developer mid/high-end 4-bed villas are actually being built on this site currently. What a shame!