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Cloud Lamps

Cloud Lamps by Yu Jordy Fu

London-based designer Yu Jordy Fu has produced a range of hand-cut paper lampshades called Cloud Lamps.


The designs are cut freehand from recycled paper, then folded around a light source.


Three Cloud Lamp chandeliers by Yu Jordy Fu are on display as part of festival In From the Cold at the Southbank Centre in London. More information on Yu Jordy Fu's blog.


The Cloud Lamps are available to buy from the designer's website.

Here's some more information from Yu Jordy Fu:


In 201 AD the Chinese invented paper, a marvellous material with a complex character. For thousands of years we used paper to write, paint and communicate our thoughts, dreams and desires. Paper-cutting is a unique art form: Chinese women use this graceful and intricate media to record the joy and surprises of their lives and decorate their homes. Yu Jordy Fu has developed this ancient technique to create expressive and elaborate forms which break free from the two-dimensional realm to a dreamlike three-dimensional landscape.


These delicate lampshades are inspired by Jordy’s architectural design projects and scaled at 1:50. All handmade with recycled paper, the Cloud Lamp is a simple and sustainable way to add intimacy and magic to domestic environment. Yu Jordy Fu is a London-based designer whose dream is to make this world a better place.


"As an architectural designer, I think three-dimensionally;  I don’t see the lampshade as an object but a space. My passion is to create sensational spaces for people; I am interested in how it feels for the 1:50 scaled people on the lampshade in the designed spaces, whether is a church, playground, shopping mall, park or school; and how it feels like for us when the lamps are lit at home. The paper is cut freehand when it is flat, like doing a two-dimensional drawing, these are then folded up, and sculpted around a light source to create three dimensional spaces. I used this method to make architectural models for exhibitions for many years. I don’t see lighting as an additional element to the architecture, but an integrated part of it, driving the relationship between the solid and void, adding life to the architecture. I treat each lampshade as an individual piece; they are all slightly different and personal."


Cloud Lampshade can be used as a pendant, with a desk or a floor lamp base and a milky white energy saving blub; alternatively simply put on your bedside table with some gentle LED fairy lights inside.


Cloud Lamp Winter Collection 2008

Below: Cloud Lampshade Angels
Light and Sound from the sky
Inspired by Jordy’s architectural design for contemporary prayer space
H38cm x D 27cm


Below: Cloud Lampshade Prague
Rooftop of a magic world
Inspired by Jordy’s architectural design for children’s play space
H40cm x D 24cm


Below: Cloud Lampshade Happy
Pleasure of Christmas
Inspired by Jordy’s architectural design for shopping environment
H30cm x D 34cm


Below: Cloud Lampshade Memory
Picking up Happiness
Inspired by Jordy’s architectural design for outdoor leisure space
H32cm x D 32cm


Below: Cloud Lampshade Story
After dinner relaxation
Inspired by Jordy’s architectural design for school breakout space
H20 x D 45


Below: Cloud Lampshade Grandpa
For sweethearts afraid of darkness
Inspired by Jordy’s architectural design for family gardens
H30 x D 15


Below: installation at the Southbank centre.