Piqué and Double Piqué by Studio Glithero



London designers Studio Glithero have produced a pair of self-supporting candles called Piqué and Double Piqué for Los Angeles design brand Artecnica.


They are made using the traditional technique of candle dipping and no two candles are ever identical.


The candles will be on display at Maison & Objet in Paris from January 23 -27, and the New York Gift Fair from January 25-29, 2009.


Here's some more information from Studio Glithero:


Piqué and Double Piqué are a lithe duo of hand-dipped candles that stand independently on their curving frames. Piqué is a single-wick candle while Double Piqué offers a double candle variation. Multiple candles can be arranged to create a magnitude of light. Piqué is available in packs of two.


Studio Glithero, a London-based partnership of designers Sarah van Gameren and Tim Simpson have reinterpreted the traditional technique of candle dipping in their exploration of age-old candle production methods. Configurations of string are formed, and then repeatedly dipped into vats of molten wax until the finished pieces emerge. By using the original technique of the artisan, no two candles are ever identical. Candle dipping is one of those beautiful techniques where the process is always a bit unpredictable.

Height 9.5 in / 24.13 cm
Diameter 4.65 in / 11.81 cm

Double Piqué
Height 9.5 in / 24.13 cm
Length 8.3 in / 21.08cm
Width 3.64 in / 9.24 cm

This January, Los Angeles based design firm, Artecnica, will launch its 2009 collection at Maison & Objet in Paris, France from January 23 -27 and the New York Gift Fair from January 25-29, 2009. The international launch will introduce seven product collections by acclaimed designers Tord Boontje, Tahmineh Javanbakht, Stephen Johnson, Studio Glithero, and Emma Woffenden.

With vibrancy and colour at the centre of these collections, Artecnica delivers an effervescent range of innovative design at its brightest.

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  • Lazar

    I did’t see, or there is no way to feel a sleep when you light this candle in your room

  • Gorgeous, really really lovely!

  • Gorgeous, really really lovely!

    Lazar – assuming I’ve understood your question correctly – no, I don’t think it’s ever considered safe to fall asleep with a candle burning.

  • Artecnica will be distributing these candles (Piqué/Double Piqué) beginning this February 2009. For more information about how to find this item, feel free to email sales@artecnicainc.com.

    Thank you Marcus for a wonderful post.

  • jed_

    Helen-LG, i think Lazar’s point is a good one: that you can’t leave this candle to burn indefinitely without keeping a close eye on it or it will burn down to the curved part and may set fire to whatever surface it is resting on. of course all candles are potentially unsafe but this one seems partiicularly so.

  • why are designers making these really weird objects while there should be more pleasure in thinking what design could become.

    there is somuch peer prodcuction coming up, selfmaking for the customers that designers should think about others layers then the fysicality of making new stuff.

    please move on from the candles into new things , i think many designers can make another 10 related shapes to this candle, but i lost seeing the fun of that.

    when becomes design Radical again ??

  • Good point Julian…and sooooo….what exactly do you propose design should become?

    Answers on a postcard please to:

    The Design Committee for more Pleasurable and Correct Design,
    176 Prince of Wales Road,
    Kentish Town,