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Burn Burn Burn by Sarah van Gameren

Burn Burn Burn is not a product but a material, according to designer Sarah van Gameren. And also a performance: the flammable paint is applied decoratively to interiors and then ignited to leave a scorched testimony at "funerals, dinners, weddings" etc.


Van Gameran created Burn Burn Burn while she was a student on the Design Products course at the Royal College of Art in London, from where she graduated earlier this summer. See her Big Dipper graduation project here.

Here is some text from van Gameren:


* Burn Burn Burn *

Burn Burn Burn is not a product; it is a material.

After doing a big chain reaction installation of matchsticks in July last year, where one matchstick lights the other and so on, I had a wish to possess a paint, similar to the flammable substance on the head of a matchstick.

I invented the paint in my kitchen and developed it further with the help of a chemist. The paint has a substance like silk-screen paint and is dye-able in every colour. When it burns, it travels slow and leaves a pitch-black trace.

The presentation included a documentation of the possibilities.

(This paint is because of its flammable characteristics only suitable for the context of events or performance. The material could be offered as a service to create animated moment at funerals, dinners, weddings and in design performance, but always with me as to install it. It can be imprint permanently on wood or be used in impermanent on stone surfaces. The paint can be different in colour from the surface or hidden before burning. Application can be done with a brush a syringe or a silkscreen. The substance can be burning or sparkling in different colours.)