Seracs sofa by Alfredo Häberli



Cologne 09: Danish company Fredericia Furniture launched a new sofa by Argentine designer Alfredo Häberli at IMM Cologne this week.


The sofa is made up of five modules, which can be taken apart and rearranged.


The information below is from Fredericia Furniture:


Seracs sofa by Alfredo Häberli
Design your own sofa

Fredericia Furniture is pleased to introduce a brand new sofa, the brainchild of famous Argentine designer Alfredo Häberli. The sofa consists of five modules that can be combined in any way you like.


Whether your living room is long and narrow, a perfect square, or made up of oblique angles, the new Seracs sofa from Fredericia Furniture is certain to fit in perfectly. The new sofa system consists of five separate modules you can combine however you choose.


Seracs is the work of Alfredo Häberli, the internationally esteemed Argentine designer who also created the Kvadrat textiles used to upholster the sofa modules. And of course you have a broad range of textiles to choose from. Every Seracs sofa solution is unique, and can be put together to create just right look for your home. It’s a sofa that is all about choice – and it offers virtually endless options to choose from.


Alfredo Häberli finds inspiration for his elegant, minimalist designs in everyday life – gathering impressions into themes so he can easily draw on them as needed. His products are so ingeniously simple, they can all be described in just a few phrases. One method he uses is to keep observing his work again and again throughout the process: “Observing is the most beautiful way to think. I am constantly discovering new things in a single object,” he says about his work.


About Alfredo Häberli:
Born in Buenos Aires in Argentina in 1953, but moved to Switzerland in 1977, where he trained as an industrial designer at the Höhere Schule für Gestaltung in Zürich, graduating in 1991. Since 1993 he has had his own design studio, with his most famous works being the stripy porcelain he designed for the Finnish company Iitalla, furniture for Mosors and furnishings for stores such as the Camper store in Paris and the Kvadrat showroom in Milan. Mr Häberli has taught at design schools throughout Europe and the United States, and has participated at a host of exhibitions worldwide. He has also received a number of prestigious awards for his work.

Product: Seracs
Description: Modular sofa upholstered with fabric by Kvadrat
Design: Alfredo Häberli
Manufacturer: Fredericia Furniture
Options: The sofa consists of 5 modules that can be arranged as desired. Upholstery in a range of fabrics

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  • zuy

    original and nice, great work!!!

  • ruler

    “combined in any way you like”, “endless option to choose from”, “arranged as desired” … yeahuh, in a STRAIGHT line! the last time i checked “oblique angles” still remain as a course of less then 90 degrees – a slant. am i missing something here?

  • zuy

    designer of the year IMM Cologne 2009

  • Dajajas

    nice colors, I like it!

  • Less Please.

    Cool take on airport terminal furniture.A blurring of the public and private.
    But be careful. The “Middle” can be a grey hole.

  • Maxence

    90s with 70s colours. It could be confortable, it’s weird, it’s very simple, but it seems to be well done for your human body. I think it’s great.

  • Xit

    I don’t see the blur between private and contract in this project, this still remains too “were sorry to annonce that bording has been delayed for another 30 minutes” to plonk it in a living room.

  • ruler

    “designer of the year” … erm, another year over already; in just 26 days?
    be mindful of what is debated – the piece rather then the person.

  • Less Please.

    Thanks for clearing that up Xit. Maybe more of a airport themed hotel would get this baby off the ground.