Marchesini headquarters by LAN Architecture



Parisian architects LAN Architecture have completed the company headquarters for packaging manufacturer Marchesini France in Paris, France.


The building is composed of two main volumes, designed to separate the office space from the workshops.  The entrance is located at the intersection of the volumes.


It is constructed from concrete and painted black.


Photos by Jean-Marie Monthiers.


The following text is from LAN Architecture:


Company headquarters
Saint Mesmes

The primary intention of the programme is to explore the relationship between the building and its surroundings and between the building users and the landscape. One of the main design concerns was the building’s environmental adaptation and appropriation.


The site slopes down three metres towards the west, offering attractive views over the neighbouring hills. Our solution was to create two hierarchically related volumes placed perpendicular to one another along a north-south axis and follow the slope of the site.


One of the volumes contains flexible workspaces while the other encloses a workshop, exhibition space and storage areas. The offices occupy the upper area of the site and are raised above ground level to provide an impression of lightness. The idea was also to erase distinctions between the different kinds of work by avoiding the use of corridors. The result is that the transition areas also act as settings where people can meet one another or as waiting spaces with pleasant views looking out over the countryside.


The workshop volume is located at a lower level and gives the appearance of being solidly anchored to the ground. The intersection of the two volumes serves as the entrance, with a sloped ramp rising up into the building.


The elevations and roof are completely constructed from black painted concrete. The roof finish allow it be read as the building’s fifth elevation.


PROGRAMME: Design and construction of a company headquarters
CLIENT: Marchesini France
LOCATION: rue Royale, Saint Mesmes, France
NET PLAN AREA: 1250 m²



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  • jake

    I like it, but it’s a bit bland. I do like the black/white contrast however.

  • OLGV.

    all do respect for Mr. Philip Johnson, that gives one of us inspiration for a life time.

  • francesco

    i love this building!!!!

  • Brilliant!
    Giovanna rules!!!

  • Parker

    Starkly brilliant.

  • Leo

    looks cool…especially in the snow…but how does it look when the grass will grow?

  • Cold.

  • Sayyam Sahni

    Another example of less is more.

  • El Greco

    High quality.

  • tkl

    looks like miss' resor house, i wonder if they drew inspiration from it, cool building tho

  • what i love about this design is its' simplicity, being blank is its' most advantage as it uses the environment around it to make it burst out of it so clean and beautiful

  • zach

    is architecture not to inspire people? why build a building and take so much time and effort ? how does this help society? its so dull not inspiring just plain i feel like as architects you should have done a better job at capturing te eye and inspiring others.

  • Lauritz

    Its a very nice building but if i should give you something to think about then try to put some colors both on the building and also in all the rooms. you could maby also find some colorfull paintings or some funiture. But on a scale from 1-10 will i give this building 6,5

  • Beautiful project.