Cordula by Stephanie Jasny



Cologne 09: Cordula is a floor lamp by Berlin designer Stephanie Jasny.


The lamp has 10 metres of cable, allowing it to by positioned at a distance from the power socket.  Excess cable can be wound around the lamp during use.


According to Jasny, the project takes inspiration from objects found on construction sites.


It was exhibited at IMM Cologne 2009, last week as part of the [d3] contest - see our previous story.

Here's some more information from Stephanie Jasny:


The floor lamp CORDULA takes inspiration from objects used on construction sites. Their simplicity beyond contemporary minimalism built the starting point for its design. The aim was to take an object from the construction site into the sitting room without denying its origin.


CORDULA is the crossbred of a spotlight and a cable reel. Ten metres of cable allow distant positioning from the power socket. With its additional pivot-joint CORDULA can be rotated by 90 degrees and together with an energy-saving fluorescent lamp it creates an flexible illumination.


Material: powder coated aluminum

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  • It looks for me like anti-aircraft light ;-)

  • morgan geist


    Hello this is Morgan Geist,

    Interesting how product photographs are now emulating the same aesthetics of digital renderings. A full circle.

    Images of products with too-perfect shadows isolated against a flawless grey/white gradient were the best option a designer had to represent and evoke reality from the building blocks of pixels. Although as we know, products never exist in such isolation in the real world. As Sam Hecht put it so nicely, they exist within the domestic “landscape”.

    The images above are a mix of renderings and real photos, or not, Im not sure. This ambiguity works in opposition to the intentions of evoking reality. The fact that these photographs are mimicking a rendering aesthetic brings to question the authenticity of the products that are shown, taking away, or should I say not affording the objects their place in the domestic landscape.


  • I love it! The details of mundane things are always so beautiful!

  • A somewhat selfish post this one… I really hope you find a manufacturing partner for your work ASAP as I’d love to be able to buy it!

  • Metro Area


    You sound like you are in the process of writing an undergrad degree thesis. Who cares? These are very cool lights, nice idea

    metro area

  • chachi

    this is a straightforward refinement of two existing products, and elevates both in the process. however, i would love to see this designed for a construction application versus just taking inspiration from it. could this lamp really stand up to serious use? and if so, why not?

    p.s. Morgan Geist, as in the DJ?

  • modular

    Great stuff. I want that :D

  • Fbot

    Nice detailing, I like it.

  • Brian

    I love it… but I would like to see a solution for the cord reeling issue. Having used garden hose reels, they ALWAYS go off track. Something like they use on fishing line reels!

    Great work!

  • Matthew Clarke

    Hello this is Matthew Clarke.

    I will be writing for Matthew Clarke.

    Matthew Clarke would like to thank Morgan Geist for comments made.

    That is all.

    Matthew Clarke

  • morgan geist


    Hello Morgan again,

    Dear Metro Area,
    At this age, the representation of products are more important than the objects themselves. Without sites like dezeen, you will never have the opportunity to see so many objects from around the world, and for many of these objects their lifecycle is finished after they reach this site. Therefore, the topic of representation is most important and can not be separated from the old idioms of modernism (form, function).

    Let’s not shy away from a bit of intellectual stimulation.

    Morgan Geist

  • Will

    why does my light have to look like a yo yo, with a nice cord. Not sure I really understand the hype, who cares if the the photos have been retouched to emulate the perfect environment of the rendered world. Unless I live in a loft where would you actually use this light in a house that most of us live in. I think this would be a cool light of a studio pro lighting system, with various heights.

  • construction site chique, love it! just when you have finished your building project you can remind yourself of the hard work :-)