Garden furniture by Kilian Schindler



Cologne 09: designer Kilian Schindler, a student at Karlsruhe University of Arts and Design exhibited a range of garden furniture at IMM Cologne in Germany last week.


The range includes a wire chair, storage rack and lighting system, which Schindler says are inspired by objects found on German allotments.


The project was awarded 'best architectural concept' in the d³ schools competition.


Here's some text from Kilian Schindler:


Far from the common cliché of garden gnome aesthetics Kilian Schindler explores the peculiarities of German allotments.


In doing so he composes rarely or casually perceived aspects into products that affect the beholder in both familiar and strange ways at the same time.


Extracting well-known elements from their usual context and rearranging them like a collage extends their means of use to private room scenarios.


Kilian Schindler was born in 1981. After having studied at the State University of Media Art and Design in Karlsruhe (Germany), as well as at the Ecole nationale supérieur des arts décoratifs in Paris(France), he passed his diploma at the department of Product Design in 2008. Several of his projects were exposed at curated exhibitions in Cologne, Frankfurt/Main, Milan, Paris and Moscow.


Articles about his work were published in magazines such as The New York Times, Ottagono, L´officiel 1000 modéles design, DesignReport, Design Diffusion News and others. During his studies, Schindler already began to work for renowned clients like Schönbuch or Rosenthal AG.

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  • Nice work!

  • “affect the beholder in both familiar and strange ways at the same time.” is a very apt description. The designs of the chairs are very intriguing. I have yet to see a wire chair that strikes me the way these do.
    An impressive take on something that is so typically mundane. Kilian’s vision is quite extraordinary.

  • modular

    Love the light!

  • eduardo

    lovely work!

  • patrick

    Pas mal!!!

  • capucine

    i like the storage rack.
    Looks like a very mature work for a young graduated.

  • Matthew Clarke

    Brilliant collection and a very bright future. Kilian Schindler. Remember that name. Beautiful work.

  • Thanks for sharing all the things. It is just plan amazing.

  • g22

    this is great! i love the lawn chair- it looks like a skeleton of the classic… fantastic!

  • Interesting!

  • I love the storage rack, it’s a great example of how great design and funcitionality can work hand in hand.

  • The garden furniture that the design student has designed seems more fit for indoor use. The wire frame inspired design would look a little out of place if found in the garden, in my opinion.