Hidden Layers by Folkform



Stockholm Design Week 09: Swedish designers Folkform have designed a collection of furniture called Hidden Layers, launched at their studio and showroom in Stockholm, Sweden, this week.


The range comprises cabinets that have been decorated with black and white patterns, intended to look worn.


Here's some text from Folkform:



Could wear and tear on furniture be decorative? No doubt, in Folkforms interpretation. During the Stockholm Design Week you can see their latest collection Hidden Layers at their Stockholm Studio and showroom (by appointment, contact Folkform).

The collection Hidden Layers is a number of cabinets, where experiments were carried out using different surfaces and materials, to re-create cracks and natural wear.


Folkform design studio in Stockholm, Sweden is owned and run by industrial designers Anna Holmquist and Chandra Ahlsell. Anna and Chandra, both of whom gained an MA at Konstfack, Stockholm, in 2005, work on own independent collections, as well as customer assignments in the borderland between art and design. They experiments with materials, both traditional and new, exploring the scope for using them in new ways and new application areas.

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  • croftdesign

    This is amazing.

    It seems the graphics would be more successful if they acted as ‘supergraphics’ that covered the whole peice; the graphics cover one complete face of the furniture peice, ending at the edge…?

  • Joe

    I like it. It’s simple and useful. Not sure if the asymmetrical style of things like the uneven closet doors will have an enduring appeal or if they will look dated soon but that’s the risk when you go for a style like this. The combination of articial and natural forms in the ‘wear’ on the furniture is appealing.

  • Hey, cool tips. I’ll buy a glass of beer to that man from that forum who told me to visit your blog :)