Clo Wine Bar by 2x4



New York studio 2x4 have designed Clo Wine Bar, a self-service wine-tasting bar in New York City.


Self-service machines around the bar's perimeter dispense 2oz tasting samples of the 104 wines in the bar's collection.


Visitors can research the wine collection using an interactive table (above) created by Potion Design, a New York design and technology firm.


Photography by Bill Milne.


Here's some information from 2x4:


Clo is a new wine tasting bar located on the fourth floor of the Time Warner Center in Manhattan between Per Se and Bar Masa. Intended as the flagship for a global roll-out, Clo features a curated selection of 100 different wines that are dispensed in 2 oz tasting pours through an automated system. The experience is enhanced by an interactive environment that brings insight to the imbibing. Visitors can drink, socialize, taste, consume and share not only wine but information and opinions. Clo was imagined as a democratizing force in the world of viniculture. 2x4 worked closely with Andrew Bradbury and his team of Master Sommeliers to craft the experience from the development of the name and brand identity, the web and interactive components, print, packaging, to the architectural and interior design.


The following information is from Clo Wine Bar:


2x4 from NYC did our design and branding. We also feature a multi-station interactive table that I worked on with Potion Design (MIT Media Labs guys) to explore our 100+ selections dispensed my Enomatic machines from Italy as well as interact with our staff and other guests. The outside of the location features one-of-a-kind and exclusive wine lifestyle products from Esque Studios in Portland (Skull decanter - exclusive to Clo) and other designs from Arik Levy (Gaia + Gino), Tjord Boontjer (Artecnica), Karim Rashid (Gaia + Gino), Patricia Urquiola (Rosenthal), Thomas Fuchs (Dexter wine glass) and Studio Sano's Mickey Decanter.

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  • SouL

    aren’t they a graphic design firm???

  • Biserka


  • WTF2007

    this space is about as refreshing as a teenager’s basement disco den.

  • buleedat

    2×4 does it all. for real.

  • LOW

    H O T!

  • amsam

    automated wine tasting is genius. but why did it have to look like an also-ran set design for battlestar galactica?

  • croftdesign

    automated wine dispensing. awesome. although, i’d rather flurt with the cute waitress behind the bar in order to get the wine… you can’t very well enjoy any dialoge with an automated system.

  • wineguy44

    Coolest concept I have seen. Friends in NYC told me to go and I was really impressed. Pictures do not do it justice – much cooler in person. Hope to see more of these around – everywhere. It is a small space though. Takes the wine experience to new levels. Where is the shop?

  • erj

    What about the freshness of the wine? It oxidizes…

  • the outside design is nice, but the interior is to robotic for a wine bar. usually people go to wine bars for more intimate settings. i think croftdesign said it best.

  • wineguy44

    Having been there – Clo has sommeliers and staff to assist like a “normal” wine bar for drinks and for bottle service. I found them nice and helpful to guide around the wines. The dispensing technology preserves wines from oxidation by use of argon gas (online research) for a long time. I felt Clo acts as a traditional bar – with the technology as an added layer.

  • Hey!
    They had stolen my idea of the Bek’s menu for the Beck’s outlet competition 2005 on

    look here