History Chess by Boym Partners



New York designers Boym Partners have created History Chess, a wooden chess set with 32 unique carved figures, each representing a historic moment or icon from the last century.


Objects represented include the Titanic, VW Beetle and Coca-Cola bottle.


The sets are produced in a limited edition of eight and include a four by four foot chess board.


The information below is from Boym:


Boym Editions: History Chess

The history of the last century has often been compared to a chess game, with political systems, brands, and artistic movements jousting for world dominance.  Each figure in our monumental chess set alludes to a particular icon of the century’s troubled history, from the sinking Titanic to the scarred towers of the World Trade Centre. The Space Shuttle, Coca-Cola bottle, Unanbomber Cabin and VW Beetle – are all here.  Essentially our chess set is a collection of 32 different sculptures.  Their display changes instantly, according to the progress of the game.


The oversized chess pieces, hand-carved in Indonesia as per the Boym’s exact specifications, are set on a monumental 4’ X 4’ foot chess board, which also serves as a box for the chess.  History Chess is made in a signed and numbered edition of 8.  Price is available upon request.

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  • fine

  • capucine

    I was looking for a present for my uncle’s birthday…

  • kim

    Very interesting, but still very US-centric. He forgot the most important and simple invention of the Third-World, the rice-cooker.

  • What a conflicted and strange collection of nonsense. Some pieces are detailed, others are simply abstract. Their relations seem horribly weak. Connecting the “historic piece” to what the role of the chess piece is would have been much stronger and more interesting. It seems like their was an effort to represent the pieces accurately until you see the AK-47 and wonder why it looks like a child’s toy. At least their was an effort to have traditional carvers in India to carve these the right way, under child labor. Thank goodness for children.

  • achille

    Those wacky Boyms have one trick, and they do it again, and again, and again.

  • modular


  • pautomas

    Well these guys are good at it. Can’t wait to see this piece at Moss!

  • JR.

    Simple beauty, individually wonderful pieces of art, special due to the intriguing nature of the pieces once all together, provoking thought behind why each event was choosen – or excluded, the events themselves, their links together and to the game of chess, a game of strategy and thought itself. well done indeed.. J.R., Amsterdam.NL