History Chess by Boym Partners

New York designers Boym Partners have created History Chess, a wooden chess set with 32 unique carved figures, each representing a historic moment or icon from the last century.


Objects represented include the Titanic, VW Beetle and Coca-Cola bottle.


The sets are produced in a limited edition of eight and include a four by four foot chess board.


The information below is from Boym:


Boym Editions: History Chess

The history of the last century has often been compared to a chess game, with political systems, brands, and artistic movements jousting for world dominance.  Each figure in our monumental chess set alludes to a particular icon of the century’s troubled history, from the sinking Titanic to the scarred towers of the World Trade Centre. The Space Shuttle, Coca-Cola bottle, Unanbomber Cabin and VW Beetle – are all here.  Essentially our chess set is a collection of 32 different sculptures.  Their display changes instantly, according to the progress of the game.


The oversized chess pieces, hand-carved in Indonesia as per the Boym’s exact specifications, are set on a monumental 4’ X 4’ foot chess board, which also serves as a box for the chess.  History Chess is made in a signed and numbered edition of 8.  Price is available upon request.