Momentary by Catarina Hällzon



Stockholm jewellery designer Catarina Hällzon has created a collection of jewellery made from animal and fish remains.


Hällzon used elk teeth, pig intestine and fish skin and scales combined with silver to create the jewellery. The remains were tanned, sewed, pulled taut, dried, and framed in silver. Above and top: jewellery made from perch skin.


The collection will be exhibited from 4 April - 5 May 2009 at the Sintra Gallery in Gothenburg, Sweden. Above: pig intestine necklace.


Above: perch skin necklace. Below is a description by Catarina Hällzon:


Momentary: lasting only for a moment

I went fishing…came home with some new material after a very quiet and beautiful pause. I went hunting for elk…came home with new material after an impressive experience. I went to Egypt…came home totally fascinated with how they once preserved their dead. And how they still reminded me of life when I looked into their faces.


I have taken care of the leftovers, the material that was left when the experience ended. Above: fish scale necklace.


Above: elk tooth necklace.

I found without looking
I experienced the temporary
I let time be
I wanted to preserve moments
I let go


"Crashes the ideals of nature with jewellery made of remains of hunted moose, caught fish and intestines from pig." Above: elk tooth pendent.


They become some sort of trophies, my pieces. Fossil pieces in an attempt to be preserved. They are tanned, sewed, taut, dried, embodied and cast. They are in material that will change when time passes. They are combined with the foundation of all my work; silver, used as protection, framework and skeleton. The recognisable material that will probably last the longest. I would like to believe that in every meeting with a piece you temporarily can give life once again to the material. That by wearing the jewellery you can give new meaning to things in a new context. Above: elk tooth necklace.

Momentary by Catarina Hällzon

4 April - 5 May 2009

Sintra Gallery
Landsvägsgatan 5, 413 04

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  • I like this combination! It’s schamanism/animism in a modern context and a link to our origins..

  • münte


    it´s time for an earring made of squirrel-penis :D

  • As usual I’m reminded of Edina Monsoon (“Absolutely Fabulous”), always on the lookout for the latest, most outrè fashion statements:

    “I’m also getting some of those lip plates from dead Amazonian Indians. I thought we could sell them as ashtrays. Don’t look at me like that, darling. We do take the lip off, you know!”

  • I love that the Scandinavian crew are going for the fish again! This calls to mind one of your earlier posts: “Something Fishy”
    ( )
    where Roshildur Jonsdottir made a modeling/construction kit using of fishbones. The idea of a pig intestine necklace is fascinating.

  • amsam

    Chuck Anziulewicz wins best Dezeen comment, maybe ever. “Don’t look at me like that, darling! We scoop the poop out of the intestine before we wear the necklace!”

  • Azm


    The idea of recycling the waste to acheive something as precious as a jewellery is fascinating but not new, what’s next on the menu ,Human remains??.

  • Neander Thallamus

    Does it matter that they're absolutely hideous looking? somebody better hand the emperor a coat, he's running around in the nude again.