Keer Chair by Reinier de Jong 2



Keer Chair by Dutch designer Reinier de Jong has gone into production.


Created from polyethylene pieces connected together by magnets, it functions as a chair in three different arrangements.


See our earlier story from February 2008 about the Keer Chair prototype.


Here's some information from Reinier de Jong:


KEER means 'multiply' and 'turn' in Dutch. Simply turn KEER and you have three different chairs: a lounge, a regular chair and a stool. Each light-weight polyethylene piece is 20cm (8") wide and can be connected to another by built-in magnets. It's up to you to decide the size. You can even make it a bench if you like! KEER is excellent for both indoor and outdoor use.


Keer Chair is available to by from Reinier de Jong.

Retail price: 149 euro (excl. shipping)
Size: 93x77x20cm
Material: PE
Colour: white
Weight: 4kg




Posted on Sunday February 22nd 2009 at 12:33 pm by Rachael Sykes. Copyright policy | Comments policy

  • stan

    why do designers of furniture always present their products without actual people using it?

    nice concept, but the chair doesn't look very comfortable to me…

    • Because design is basically art and art always searches for the new methods of pure expression.

  • Q

    this is a very good idea and in my point of view it could be much improved in confort.

  • A.S.

    Very “inovattive”
    check the Frederick Kiesler Instrument Chair:

  • m

    the first green picture position seems ok – regarding comfort. but i have the same question, show real people using it!

  • arman
    • Yob

      No, it does not!

  • DN3


  • A.S.
  • Roy

    Hmmm. Magnets. And a wallet full of cards with magnetic stripes. Ouch.

  • Very smart, I like it a lot. But I agree, you need to show people using it, then you can see the play with scale you are doing. If I understand well you get rid of a few sections when using it like a stool. I think that is less stong in the design.

  • zuy

    Frederick Kiesler Instrument Chair is also a coffee table so the Keer Chair by Reinier de Jong too….

  • BRian

    Very cool concept.

    I can see how you wish to keep the “radius and flats design language”, however as others have mentioned it seems a bit uncomfortable. The design language might be adjusted to compensate for that. Very nice, maybe it could have a light inside….

    Nice work

  • MK

    One direction of placement is missing. You should be able to position that kind of chair on all it’s surfaces. Table function is obvious.

    Verner Panton did contemporary version on this with his Phantom chair/table. It’s much better I think.