Moodwall by Urban Alliance



Dutch architects Studio Klink, production company Illuminate, artist Matthias Oostrik and design and construction firm Cube have collaborated under the name Urban Alliance to create Moodwall, a subway installation in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.


The 24 metre long display is made from 2500 LEDs behind a ribbed, semi-transparent wall.


"The resolution is stretched horizontally so images appear to be in better focus from the side," say the designers. "This enables the screen to be watched from outside the tunnel, and deters people from using the tunnel as a hangout spot. "


Here's some information from Urban Alliance:


Media architecture collective Urban Alliance has recently finished the Moodwall: a 24 metre long interactive light installation in Amsterdam. The Moodwall is located in a pedestrian tunnel and interacts with people passing by, improving the atmosphere in the tunnel and making people feel happier and safer. The interactive urban wallpaper is made from 2500 LEDs behind a ribbed semi-transparent wall. The curves in the wall make it less vulnerable to graffiti and improve visibility.

The Moodwall is a pilot project for a 70 metre long media wall proposal by Urban Alliance (in collaboration with Daan Hartoog) which won a competition for ideas to improve the public space of the socially unsafe area of the Amsterdam Bijlmer.

The Moodwall was designed by Jasper Klinkhamer (Studio Klink) in collaboration with Remco Wilcke (Cube), who was also responsible for the construction. The content was developed by Hans van Helden and Matthijs ten Berge of Illuminate in collaboration with artist Matthias Oostrik and students of the Dutch art academy HKU.

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  • Anonymous

    totally AWESOME!

  • jake

    “…ideas to improve the public space of the socially unsafe area of the Amsterdam Bijlmer.”

    What does “socially unsafe” mean?

  • @jake – I guess its the part of the city are where crimes can happen? ;]

  • this will make a god social pedestrian..
    great idea..

  • rogier


  • navid

    can also be used as a semi undergound disco
    let’s PARTY

  • Freek

    Looking good but I think that the ribs don’t stop the graffiti, and I wouldn’t call Bijlmer socialy unsafe live here for 19 years now. Never felt unsafe guess it is only in the heads of people scared to be surrounded by so much different cultures.

  • Rolf

    Very nice!!!