Cloud Chair by Richard Hutten



Milan 09: Dutch designer Richard Hutten will launch the aluminium Cloud Chair in Milan next month.


The chair, of polished, nickel-plated cast aluminium, will be produced in a limited edition by Ormond Editions of Geneva.


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  • modular


  • m!

    I think it could be called Bubbles.

    A cloud is very different.

  • zuy
  • a bit peculiar; Ron Arad as calvinist?

  • it doesn’t seem that comfortable.

  • Maxence

    Is it stackable ?

  • Nathan

    Not so excited about the chair itself, but I would love to see some shots of it being made.

  • paris-moi

    Fantastic piece. You guys are so easy on the trigger to critic other designers work. It would be lovely to see the work done by most of you here. I bet you would be scared shitless to show us all and feel the wrath down your necks.

  • Boccaccio

    I wish it were significantly smaller, had a chin strap and could be worn as a helmet.

    Despite the fact that it cannot be, I still like it, at least in the same way I like portions of Greg Lynn’s design of his own house. Oddly pomo-ish symbology. Somewhat psychadelic. Could somehow end up in a Toys R Us and not look too out of place.

    Kapoor Koons with a sprinkling of Kesey.

  • m

    Richard Hutten once stated ‘himself, he would lay a little scapecoat in it’

    It is originally designed for a ‘puppethouse’ for Oog magazine (might also that Oog just was the one to publish it, I don’t know) – so, very small.

    And I’m sorry to say, but I absolutely hate it

  • Rich

    So cute!!!

  • Bla Bla Bla

    I think This is hot.!!!!!!!!!!!
    If you steered your comments correctly with enthusiasm, There may just be a chance of some follow up postings showing how difficult objects such as these are actually produced. EDUCATIONAL
    This forum may actually be a place to learn some serious techniques, instead of a superficial placement of objects for all you sharp shooters!

  • W

    Very retro virus.

  • Xit

    Just when we didn’t think it was possible to squeeze another chair from the rectum of design Hutten delivers this chromed hemoroid, so befitting.

  • Nathan

    Yes indeed, how is it produced?! Any guesses?

  • nuku

    it suggest me an insect eye ;-O

  • ZUY

    @ nuku it’s polished, nickel-plated cast aluminium…

  • Bubbles micro trend in the air…
    … this piece follows Karim Rashid’s colored “bubbles” in a gallery in Milan last year
    … and bubbles lamp by Jaime Hayon

  • bubble micro trend again with buubles clouds from Holland , the country of Richard H.

  • Reminds me of The Bean in Chicago!!!

  • degs

    Even though it’s slightly Ron Aradish, I think it still manages to please the eye. Would have loved to see more pics of it’s production. It’s a pity that most designers don’t bother to add some of their concept sketches!

  • all line drawings are on richard hutten’s website

  • Nice, hot, art-design!

  • xtiaan

    its beautiful.

    and zuy get a life

  • tiffany

    this was by far the best chair on show in Milan this year!

  • jamie (girl)

    ohhh wiked chair it doesnt look that comfy but hey slap a few cusshions on it and wol ah.its an asome designe i would love to have it :) xx