Nothing office by Joost van Bleiswijk



Dutch designer Joost van Bleiswijk has designed a cardboard office interior for new Amsterdam advertising office Nothing.


Using the same method of construction as his No Screw No Glue project (see our previous story), van Bleiswijk created the interior using over 500 square metres of reinforced cardboard.


The 1500 separate pieces were slotted together using no glue or fixings.


Here's some more information from Nothing:


Michael Jansen and Bas Korsten, highly awarded ex-DDB Executive Creative Directors and co-founders of Selmore, have officially started Nothing this week.


Nothing is an Amsterdam-based, independent entrepreneurial agency that delivers innovation and commercial creativity for local and international clients out of a cardboard box. Literally. The Nothing office, built entirely of cardboard, was designed by internationally recognized designers Alrik Koudenburg ( and Joost van Bleiswijk.


Michael Jansen says:
“Nothing is about the power of ideas, about how a single idea can transform nothing into something. Using a cheap throw-away material to build a unique and memorable work space, seemed a good way to materialize this thought.”


Nothing’s goal is simple: turn consumers into brand advocates by any means to hand. This approach sees Jansen and Korsten creating meaningful brand experiences ranging from product innovation and store design, to employee training programmes and, yes, even TV campaigns.


Bas Korsten says:
“Technological innovation is developing at an amazing pace and so is the role of social persuasion, due to the wildfire growth of online social networks and blogs. At the same time traditional mass communication is being met with increased cynicism. This means that brand advocates are quickly becoming a brand’s most valuable asset”.


Alongside Nothing is ‘Nothing Ventured’, the company’s in-house business concepts development arm. Nothing Ventured sees the likes of architects, industrial- and 3D- designers and online specialists come together to make their ideas happen. Current projects include an experiential measurement product, a web-based travel platform, an international webshop for young fashion designers and even a new sport, with all the accompanying commercial opportunities. These initiatives can be brought to market both as stand-alone ventures or to directly benefit clients.

Nothing Ventured partners with Ohio, part of a group of companies including international production company Czar. Ohio’s Geraldo Vallen:
“We have known Michael and Bas since their DDB days. Over the past ten years they have proven to be one of the most entrepreneurial creative partnerships we know”.

Australia-born Jansen (50) and Korsten (37) are one of the most successful creative teams in Europe, winning amongst others, the Eurobest Grand Prix and 11 Cannes Lions. They met in 1997 and became Executive Creative Directors (Board members) at DDB Amsterdam. They helped take the agency to ‘Agency of The Year’ status in 1999, 2001 and 2003 with pan-European clients including Volkswagen. In 2005 they co-founded Selmore with three partners and quickly gained a formidable list of clients including Unilever, Skoda Automobiles, Bavaria Brewery and Coca-Cola.

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  • OK,…. before you all start complaining,……
    -The cardboard is a very strong honeycomb material
    -It was treated with a fire proof substance
    -Coffee will leave as much stains as on treated mdf

    Just enjoy,

  • paulina

    rule #1 to all employees and visits:
    do not spill coffe by any means…
    just kidding, it is pretty amazing

  • behnaz

    nice concept.nothing into something.

  • Zon

    Haha. The things people do.

  • Have cool embodied, only here frequent, repeating small squares break everything, the volume completely is not read

  • kumakuma


  • frank’X

    The big issue is the smell. Cardboard really stinks. Otherwise cool design.

  • Jessica Barber

    I love the second image as the cardboard looks like industrial steel, really beautiful. It’s a great project but I don’t know about the cardboard desks, what happens when your cup of tea is wet underneath? It would be really interesting to see this space a year or two years down the line as the marks of use could also be intriguing.

  • Martin

    Forget flame retardant, I hope this carboard is coffee stain-proof??

  • davide

    I think i will like the tabletops full of coffee stains and other stains too.
    I like the idea that things as furniture bear the signs of use and time, probably it will get even nicer with everyday use.

  • Amazing!

  • togon

    hah, forget about coffee stains, think about the amount of doodles the cardboards will receive. Nice design btw, and is this thing durable? How long will it last for in a typical busy office?

  • Aww, I see white glue under the “Nothing” script. Fantastic play fort guys, you are the envy of all us kids and hobos!

  • Mela

    I love it!

  • nFormas,

    You are referencing an entirely different cultural perspective. Paper has a extraordinary cultural status in Japanese history. The projects by Shigueru Ban connect paper as an important material to modern architecture and contemporary structures. They are finding new ways to use a traditional building material.

    Van Bleiswijk is using cardboard in an advertising firm as more of an ironic statement, being that cardboard is a staple material designers use, to make. They are juxtaposing a material used in models, mockups and packaging as the major interior furnishing for a new office.

    They are entirely different in both conception and utilization, I assure you.

  • j2k

    Nice office, it’s very cosey. Nice place to work…

  • i agree with jessica.. would be interesting to see how the place ages in even just a few moths! hope to see an post update soon.

    i like the patio sliding door/screen for the sofa area!!

  • dew

    wow. very fantastic orrice :)

  • rebecca


  • headplow

    Interesting concept. The main problem I see is the acidity in corrugated cardboard. In an era where everyone seems obsessed with acid-free products promoting sustainability this simply wouldn’t cut it. It is a very clever approach however.