Elephant Lounge Chair by Mediodesign



Barcelona designers Mediodesign have created a birch plywood chair in homage to the Eames elephant.


The designers intend the generously-proportioned chair to be reminiscent of the plywood elephant and Lounge Chair Wood (LCW), both designed by American designers Charles and Ray Eames in 1945.


Here's some text from Mediodesign:



Sculptural, elegant and classic.

Elephant Lounge Chair is inspired by the LCW Molded Plywood Chair and the Elephant, sculpture chair designed by Eameses in 1945, which takes its name.


Elephant is a chair designed in pieces to be assembled like a puzzle. Its production is very efficient because it produces little waste material. It is comfortable, inviting conversation, perfect for reading.


Material: Birch plywood. Also available in infant scale.

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  • hmmm

    The chair is nice, but I think you missed the point. The Eames’ forms, especially the elephant, were driven in large by an exploration of how integral plywood sheets could be molded into curved surfaces.

    The logic of this chair is closer to those dinosaur wood model kits: http://www.smartstart-toys.co.uk/images/Wooden_Dinosaur.JPG

  • batman

    it no tomodachi

  • Son of Bozo

    Completely missed the point.
    It is very crude.

  • Maxence

    What for ?
    A lot of wood to do this chair !
    Not Plywood too
    Far Far away from Eames…

  • I love cool chairs

  • BRian

    I like it! I just hope the intersecting pieces dont start losing their tolerance…
    Nothing worse than a wobbly chair!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • yung

    They don’t really have to mention Eames.

  • The “homage” to the Eames is just anecdotic. I say the true if I declare that the Eames are always in my mind as a designer. This chair was made (indeed self made by us in our workshop in Barcelona) using only CNC cut, and the shape is thought for saving material form the sheets. You need just one 122 x 244 cm of birch plywood to make 4 chairs!. In the 1940’s CNC did not exist, if so, maybe the Eames had designed something in this way.

  • teslaT

    saying that, i'm a massive minimal fan.
    ps: sorry the Florian Hauswith chair reference can be seen here: http://www.aboutfurnituredesign.com/chair-design/
    and the Alvaro Uribe one is here http://www.interiordesignphotos.co.uk/2010/12/06/