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Dezeen’s top ten: animals

Dezeen's top ten: our latest top ten features the most popular Dezeen stories about designs inspired by, created for or made of animals.


1: Most popular is London designer Roger Arquer's series of conceptual mousetraps (above) that are intended “only to catch mice, not to kill them”.

2: In second place is another project from Arquer, which presents 15 variations on the standard fish bowl (above).2: In second place is another project from Arquer, which presents 15 variations on the standard fish bowl (above).vondel-lamp-birds_sq.jpg

3: Lighting and furniture designed for the Vondelpark in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, by Landscape architect Anouk Vogel and architect Johan Selbing.


4: Jewellery and sculpture pieces based on Victorian taxidermy by London artist Kelly McCallum.


5: Ominous by Swedish designer Monica Förster, an installation of metal birds at the Nordic Light Hotel during Stockholm Design Week last month.


6: The Menagerie photoshoot, curated by Dezeen's Marcus Fairs and Rupinder Bhogal.


7: London-based designer Tithi Kutchamuch was inspired to design the Secret Friend range of jewellery pieces with animal-shaped bases following the death of her dog.


8. Animal-shaped radiators by Dutch designer Guus Van Leeuwen.


9: City Dog Adventure by Dutch designer Maartje Dros - a play space for both children and dogs.


10: a collection of rocking toys called Rocky, designed by British designers PearsonLloyd for Spanish brand MO by Martinez Otero.

That concludes our top ten for this month - another coming up in April.

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