Cassa Hotel by Enrique Norten and
TEN Arquitectos



Mexican architect Enrique Norten and TEN Arquitectos have unveiled their design for Cassa, a hotel and residential tower in New York City.


Here's some info from the architects:


Cassa Hotel: Cassa is located in mid-town Manhattan, at 70 West 45th Street, two blocks north of Bryant Park.


This tower is a dramatic architectural statement, using its windows and their punctured rhythm to become the facade's only ornaments, distinguishing it from the more conventional glass and stone edifices of New York's midtown.


Cassa's program mixes public and private: combining restaurant and bar with boutique Hotel and luxury Condominiums that share a common triple height lobby.


The resulting design allows the two to co-exist while functioning independently.


The tower itself is delicately proportioned, resulting from the small site and slender floor plate, like an Obelisk marking the site.


Above: lobby desk


Above: lobby entrance


Above: lobby terrace

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  • alex

    Dull and stereotypical… Is there no more creative thinking? Why has this trend repeated it self so many times?

  • Hayden

    Horrid Visualisation . . .

  • gaque

    the spaces are so boring and the street level entrance is awfully…sealed. the renderings are also a bit awful with only supermodels and weird shadows. ten shouldve hired me when i gave them the chance.

  • Fountainhead

    why not, another pencil on a big foot. please publish some floor plans.

  • Partick Bateman

    This tower is a dramatic architectural statement
    of what exactly?

  • m

    ufff, that’s a quite dramatical architectural statement indeed

  • Vincent#1

    I have seen lots of buildings with irregular placed windows lately, so if thats the thing which makes it distinguished I’m not very implessed.

  • SouL

    new york is losing it big time mama…

  • SB

    I quite like TEN’s work in Mexico, but this terrible…..

  • G

    enough with the irregular placed windows least irregularity can be used when different perspectives, contexts and landscapes are there given different experiences..

  • Pelu

    I though TEN arquitectos was the same as Enrique Norten

    Taller de Enrique Norten (TEN) = Enrique Norten
    may I`m wrong but you should check the title ;)

  • kumakuma


  • One

    How could this make a story here is a beyond question,.. not a top notch project, rather…

  • Jpaul

    Is it just me or has Enrique sort of dropped the ball some time ago… None of his last proyects seem to have much content…

  • tom

    the new renderings for this building are sooo sad. gone is the open lattice windows which seemed quite nice. now its another boring building, it won’t stand out at all.

  • Andrew

    This design is ridiculousness… in fact, it is difficult to see it as a design, as the concept is so bleak and uninteresting