6×11 Alpine Hut by OFIS Arhitekti



Slovenian architects OFIS Arhitekti have completed a holiday hut in Slovenia's Triglav national park.


The client had bought the site with existing permission for a traditional Slovenian Alpine hut; the architects designed a contemporary version with the same dimensions, roof pitch and materials, meaning a new construction permit was not required.


The 6x11 metre, three-bedroom hut is in the village of Stara Fuzina, close to Lake Bohinj.


Photos are by Tomas Gregoric.

Here's some info from the architects:


6x11 Alpine hut in Slovene Alps

Commission 2007 /
construction start 2008 /
completed 2009


Location: Stara fuzina near Bohinj Lake,  Slovenia

The hut is situated in a small Alpine village, part of Triglav national park with very strict rules of construction and architectural design.


The client bought the site together with existing construction permit for the generic project.


Demand was not to change construction permit but change the elements of the house to suit his family, sustainable factor and open the windows toward the views.


The volume of the house 6 x 11 metres, 42 degrees pitched roof, external dimensions and material types remained the ones from the existing project.


Materials – the elements such as stone, wooden columns, facade patterns are taken from local environment with dialog on the surrounding typology.


Interior organisation suits the needs of the family and is very rational.


Central staircase rotates around the fireplace that heats both floors.


There are 3 bedrooms and bath with sauna on top floor with minimal corridor.


Ground floor is one space room with kitchen; dinning and living, storage is under the staircase.


The level is partly lower so window shelves act as sofa with views toward the mountains.


Sustainable Issues:

Large corner window was positioned toward the sun therefore in winter-sunny days no heating is needed.


Extra thermal isolation is put between the wooden cladding – both in exterior and interior, black foil that is put behind the wood absorbs the heat of the sun and transforms it onto the walls. Upper floor is pushed over the ground floor and acts as sun protector in summer when sun is higher. Rain water is collected from the roof and transported through vertical pipes that are covered with wooden masks.

Project Architect: OFIS arhitekti, Rok Oman & Spela VidecnikDesign Team: Rok Oman, Spela Videcnik, Andrej Gregoric, Anna Breda
Client: private
Structural Engineers: Projecta d.o.o.
Main contractor: P-Grad d.o.o.
Start on site date: september 2007
Contract duration: 12 months
Gross internal floor area: 95 m2 neto
Total cost: 150.000 EUR including furniture


Above: concept diagram

Above: concept diagram


Above: plans


Above: elevations

Above: sections


Above: site plan

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  • s.mart

    simple, interesting, smart redesign with few steps. Could be prototype for assembled small cabins. I would buy it.

  • Super. Pleasure by contemplation

  • I love it. I really, REALLY love it. I could live there in a heartbeat. Modern without being pretentious.

  • Ricky

    very nice. very charming.

  • wim

    Very good abstraction of an existing generic project.
    It transformed average economy project into first class one.
    Also very modest and cozy interior.

  • Very nice, a good example of mixing modernity and tradition.

  • I-REN

    Gorgeous!!! The best architecture I`ve seen last year!

  • teresa

    House to fall in love with…

  • Perfect example of bringing modern and vernacular design together to a wonderful result.

  • MarkJ

    Such a simple plan on a modest plot, yet it shows what can be done with quality materials and attention to details. I really like it.

  • Quertas

    So nice to see here such pure and simple designs like this project; to congratulate

  • i don’t think i can add much to the comments above. simply great design, love it!

  • Bruno

    “OFIS” once more with a good example…

  • Always fascinating seeing alpine hut designs. They all seem to follow a very strict criteria yet are allowed to soar on their own depending on the architects personal pallet. I LOVE THIS ONE! Amazing use of space.

  • Lair

    Awesome, honest, simple, advanced & beautiful at the same time . Projects like this should become perfect example – ethic architecture

  • Mel

    Beautiful, modest design and so, so very cute ..

  • Dijana

    Feels like home! Great detailes! In constraction and in combining materials! Acctually that is the best part of it! Love the glass!

  • Gordon

    Unanimous praise on Dezeen? How novel!

    Beautiful building too…!

  • Lili

    This is what I call also ecologycal architecture; you could hardly say that for Coop Himmelblau project on the same page. (for that project you can just say pollution architecture)

  • KID

    Nice , simple and effective prototype

  • Adf

    Ofis Arhitekti is very good. Ecologycal architecture is our future.

  • vivid

    simplicity is also our future

  • Melanie

    classy, cute, home

  • teva

    also me like-it!

  • Natali

    simple and nice hous, I like nature around and hous is perfect looking in it.

  • Jake

    Is there a way to buy these blueprints? I was hoping to make a couple changes and build this as my dream home at some point in the future. This thing is PERFECT, but I wont be restricted to the same building codes.

  • Ninian

    The gable end proportions/design are a bit odd. Cantilever and symetrical upper level seem clumsy in comparison to the details and materials that seem almost perfect.