KOZO lamps by David Benatan



Tel Aviv designers DEMO / design clinic have designed a series of lamps using plumbing parts.


The lamps are made of galvanised iron; the bulbs are turned on and off using a tap-like switch.


Here's some more information from the designers:


KOZO lighting series by DEMO / design clinic - a unique design ‘with little authentic rust at the joints’. Functional light figures, designed for a wide range of indoor life scenes and atmosphere.

“With a bit of humor and a certain audacity, KOZO lamps stand as alien lighting figures, telling a new story”. KOZO lamps are made of galvanized iron parts and an original innovative (on/off)  tap light switch, combined with the electronics and ceramic parts needed for it to house light bulb.


The KOZO parts come from around the world and each bares the trademarks of its origin country. The materials are left raw and alive, with little authentic rust at the joints and the marks from hand tools that were used in the assembly process


The KOZO lamps are perfectly balanced and stable. They don't look stable, but this is part of the magic of this unique design.


Technical information

KOZO1 – Measurements 20cm length / 20cm height / 20cm depth, weight 2 kg.

KOZO2 – Measurements 20cm length / 30 cm height / 20 cm depth, weight 2.5 kg.

KOZO3 – Measurements 25cm length / 40 cm height / 20 cm depth, weight 3 kg.


About DEMO / design clinic

DEMO / design clinic - is a cooperation of 5 designers sharing a studio in Tel Aviv.  3 years ago we all studied in the same design academy and during 2008 we finally opened our studio. We mainly use readymade stuff, and try to reduce manufacturing to zero. Our basic assumption is that there are so many things at hand that everything that you need must have already been made for you,  and sometimes it is "built in” another product. In our designs we search to give new life and meaning to the materials and to their use. And always keeping it on the green side.

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  • slater

    Uh, are you kidding me? Did this guy strip the plumbing from under his sink, add some wireing, a bulb or two and call it a "designed" object? I suppose I just don't understand "high design" anymore…

    Besides that, they are trying to use "readymade stuff, and try to reduce manufacturing to zero" Maybe you should try to use products that don't have a specific purpose that differs so much from what you want to create. In addition to the enormous amount of imbodied energy in the plumbing fixtures used here…

    Sorry for being so critical, I hate to just bash someone's idea but in this case I can't see anything worth while…

    • Adam

      And they have made a fortune off of this. Not only that but their business is booming with new designs.

  • is Jo the plumber in israel and is he a designer now?

  • packpacka

    nice. resembles this artist’s creations a little bit.


  • modular

    Sorry guys, but this looks like 1st grade design students work.

  • kyuty

    really cool

  • kyuty

    really cool!

  • phil

    I love the idea of using old material, some great lamps too, not all of them but hey… Got to appreciate the thougts behind it

  • a-haus

    conduit piping is a very versatile and readily available material.
    I have been making furniture and lighting fixtures from it for ages.
    The switch is neat, I wonder if it dims just like shutting the water off.

  • m

    it’s an obvious thing to do of course

    but wow, I absolutely love them

  • Z

    These are fantastic!

    Now if only I could afford a raw loft space in a trendy neighborhood to house these in…

  • very clever designs

  • juampi Z

    excelente! the most originall in a long time!

  • Clifford

    Well done, very much right now

  • nv

    love it!

  • Davide

    so are you telling me that i can build it myself at home?

    and that i don’t need a crane every time i have to move it?

  • OK, first of all, I don’t think this is any good design, it’s not even a correct readymade object… I think plumbing can be far more exciting than this! not to mention the movie “runaway bride” when Julia Roberts at the end of the movie became a designer… she just prodeced things like these… sorry guys, I didn’t meant to be evil.

  • zTy


  • … it’s time to boycott the racist, apartheid state of israel – artist or no artist!

  • wow! this is really great! very original design and concept. why no has done before?

  • wow! this is really great………=>it’s not my comment

  • i think Shin Azumi did similar concept long time ago.

  • Shin Azumi are you sure? May be Tomoko?

  • Rok


  • Alex

    To me it just looks like another pipe dream.

  • Laura

    I like these. I can just imagine a mad scientist working on pipes and bolts to create functioning objects. Light up people!

  • looks like the faucet in my kitchen.

  • Quite like these. Not massively original – but I think the guys are on top of it aesthetics wise. The water drop works well. Terry Gilliamish?

    now…call me a pedant…and I’m only saying this because noone else did… but I don’t think they are plumbing parts as stated – but gas / compressed air parts (hence galvanised)…. it wouldn’t matter… expect they attached a chromed water tap to a gas tap… which to a pedant such as I looks a bit wierd…. might be different in Israel of course?

    oh and:

    2. Shin Azumi did the shower light – not Tomoko.

    3. “… it’s time to boycott the racist, apartheid state of israel – artist or no artist!” – how old are you? Jesus Christ. Have a little think and then go and find another place to say things like that.

  • RQH

    I think these are great! SO much better than just another sleek plastic Philippe Starck piece of sh*t.

  • amy pasco

    but what about the heat generated from these metal fixtures ?
    they must get wicked hot !!!!, dont they ?

  • W100

    Interesting aesthetic certainly not for my home, but its very nice to see parts re-appropriated, but the idea of the tap is certainly a very old one. The old gas lamps used to have this type of switch the let the gas burn, the idea of using this for electricity and dimming is similar to these.
    shower light 2006: http://www.designboom.com/snapshots/milan06/elmes.html
    Tap light 2003: http://www.seenthelight.org/tap_link_1.htm

  • Jim

    I love them! It’s a tasteful repurposing of something, not like some of the god-awful crap that’s passed for “reclaimed” lately!

  • Clark

    Love the stance of these!

  • Brian

    Its been done, sorry to say-
    FSO Design- Central Saint Martins MA ID 2005

  • i love the concept of repurposing. i am in love….

  • Joe

    I like the raw industrial appearance and one piece would be a nice fit as an object d’art in an otherwise clean-lined setting — kind of like the “token bum”-look on American Idol, but in the average cluttered middle-class home or office it’d just look like a toddler’s homemade Valentine — recycled junk.

  • Minh

    it look like a light water ! Cool!

  • Roger

    what goes around comes around

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  • Very good idea : )

  • gooooood
    To me it just looks like another pipe dream.

  • Nice idea and very creative but I dont think it will be to everyone's taste. It would suite a more modern house

  • Nice ude of materials usually not seen in lamps :-) Could be fun with a blue bulb, so it looks like a waterdrop.