Illuminant by Kristín Birna Bjarnadóttir



Icelandic designer Kristín Birna Bjarnadóttir has created a lamp made of reflective material, normally used for safety clothing. 


The translucent, reflective shade is suspended from fishing line above an LED light source, which is placed on the floor beneath. Fine ribbons of the same reflective fabric hang from the shade.


Coloured disks placed on top of the LED unit alter the colour of light reflected and distributed by the shade.


The lights were on show at DesignMarch in Reykjavik, Iceland, last week.

Here's some more information from the designer:


The lamp ILLUMINANT is based on the idea that “what goes around comes around”.


Illuminant is my final assignment as a Product designer from Iceland Academy of the Arts, spring 2008. The idea of the lamp came to me in a course where we were supposed to make romantic lights.


When making experiments with the reflective material I thought a lot of the existence of people getting reflection of their own behavior. I believe that it's true: you reap as you sow.


The lampshade is made of reflective material and hangs from the ceiling on a fishline. The threads hanging from the shade are made from the same reflective material by cutting them into 2mm thick strips. A led bulb is placed in a cylinder on the floor and 4 colored glass plates are included (red, violet, blue and brown).


You choose the coloured glass you prefer and place it on top of the cylinder and the lampshade reflects your choice.


Illuminant makes a magical atmosphere when turned on, like in a fairy tale. The ceiling is decorated by the lamp with great refraction.






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  • Quite a clever set-up…

  • lj

    gorgeous design,
    maybe a little more thought into the bottom light source?
    very interesting though

  • rik

    oh… my…. god….
    I love this Jellyfish

  • modular

    Wicked. Reminds me of a squid or medusa…

  • Simple and beautiful, like a jellyfish floating over your sofa!

  • Adf

    There is a very conceptual…

  • Gudrun

    love it…. want one now:)

  • I agree, the light source is rather glaring, and should have been either integrated into the design, or at least made less of a detraction from the lamp itself…

    aside from that – wow, I want one! Beautiful.

  • Georig

    Imagine it with the light source built into the floor!


  • BLjuice


  • Paul

    I actually enjoy the glaring light source. It’s like watching a magician but knowing the trick. It’s still fun even when you’re in on it.

  • Congratulations!!!

  • Begga

    I like the elegance and the lightness. Beautiful item. I really want one.

  • BH

    I am with Georig in that there could be an option on the base unit for being built into the floor, but thta would makes it a bit more permanent which is perhaps only appropriate in very specific situations…..

    But otherwise simply stunning!!! Well done. When will they be available to buy???

    Great cave context for photos also.

  • countcero

    beautiful! love it! please show us more of your designs

  • klejdi

    extremely wonderful ! :-)

  • martine D.

    C’est une merveille – où peut-on l’acheter
    merci de votre réponse

  • tommi

    amazing that d’ shadow looks more lika jellyfish

  • Björg

    Your light is amazing the the pictures are gorgious! CONGRATULATIONS! I realy want one. :)

  • YuYu


  • VÓÓÓÓ!!! Do I have to say more????? LOVE IT…

  • Jean Baro

    Where and when can we buy one of those?

  • Very beautiful and ethereal, Kristin.
    It really looks like a large, glowing jellyfish.

    If only here were a way to hide the light
    source itself.


  • Caleb

    This is amazing! Where can I buy one??

  • Matthew Weinreb

    This is wonderful.
    Make it and we will buy it in the 1000s!

  • Azm

    Awesome, love the idea, & the result !!!!!!!!!!

  • Nice.

    Where I can buy a couble of this one?


  • Minh


  • Jonathan

    Wow! wer can you bye them?

  • Berta

    I love the lamp were can I buy one ?

  • Tp

    Clap, Clap, clap!!!!!

  • Joe Trumpey

    Wow, great work, Kristin! I want my own Jellyfish light please!? Must have been something you learned while in Michigan ; )

  • Truly one of the most amazing designs coming from Iceland these days.

    Very inspiring.

  • J

    this is really lovely, but i agree that the light source need to be thought out

  • This is beautiful work. Get this on the market!

  • Margreet ter Bork

    This is fantastic!! Where can I buy this?

  • wow!as if you read my mind!!!!
    where can I get it?

  • noone

    where to buy?


    Wher can I buy tyhe illuminant lamp