Cathedral installation by Luke Morgan



Artist and designer Luke Morgan has created an installation for the offices of property developers Cathedral, located in a converted church in London.


Hanging in the entrance lobby of the office designed by architects Alford Hall Monaghan Morris and measuring six by four feet, the installation is made of welded, plasma-cut, mild steel.


Cathedral share the building with Old Operating Theatre Museum; the skull-shaped design is made up of shapes that represent surgical equipment and ecclesiastical symbols.


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  • jh

    i agree, the london property market is dead.

  • tommi

    love to have 1 in my house.. great installation, some light & shadow would be interesting as well.. fresh!

  • I love that. Throughout the piece there are lots of iconographic forms and symbols reading into the theme. Quite cool considering the location and juxtaposed with other works.

  • Dean

    Nice Work! It’s a really cool play on 2D/3D representation.

  • jack the ripper

    well done Luke … 100% approved !

  • Brian

    Congratulations to Cathedral and their architects for boldly bringing us more of Luke Morgan’s now-and-forever work. Can the public come see?