Flower eruption vases by Jón Björnsson



Icelandic designer Jón Björnsson has designed a range of vases made of volcanic sand.


Called Flower Eruption, the angular forms are cast from paper moulds.


"The sand is mixed with resin and the mould is filled from the bottom," explains Björnsson. "After the resin dries the mould is torn off and the finished vase appears."


The vases were on display at DesignMarch festival in Reykjavik, Iceland, last month as part of an event where 30 product designers created installations in recently abandoned spaces on Laugavegur, the city’s main shopping street.






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  • Franx

    I like it! The design looks friedly. My design style just like that.

  • so simple, so nice.

  • modular


  • Terry Glenn Phipps

    Terrific, they look like space capsules.

    Terry Glenn Phipps

  • Cr

    Like it !

  • g

    Very nice!!

  • The mat surface has a lot of possibility…nice work.

  • LOW

    that’s just pure beautiful

  • zed

    That’s so CUTE! Flower Eruption! Ha!

  • Jen

    Anyone knows what kind of resign? I just don’t like how everyone is mixing resign with whatever they find, creating these toxic hybrids as if they were all great ideas we should live with for centuries to come.

    The shapes are nice though. I hope they use some non-toxic, non thermosetting resin…..

  • The volcanic sand gives to this ultra simple vase the identity of Iceland… Great work. I also hope the resin is non-toxic, Iceland is so pure!

  • mika

    Great work, but do the molds have to be made of paper and be torn off, or is it just to give the pieces a more unique quality?
    I agree with Jen, but I thought that exothermic resins (like epoxy) that set chemicly and can not be unset with heat and thus recycled were the worst kind

  • They’re great! Volcanic sand, love the texture. Where can I get one?

  • nathan from atelierdorp

    Very nice work Jon. See you!