Fergana by Patricia Urquiola for Moroso



Milan 09: Spanish designer Patricia Urquiola has designed a modular sofa for Moroso upholstered in fabrics inspired by traditional patterns from Uzbekistan.


The Fergana collection was launched at the Salone Internazionale del Mobile in Milan this week.


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Here's some text from Moroso:


Collezione FERGANA

The Fergana collection displays the results of a careful study of textiles, which combine ancient weaving techniques from Uzbekistan with European industrial-manufacturing techniques. The collection is made up of an exceptionally comfortable, large-sized modular sofa which can become a monobloc.


The frame is made entirely of wood. The sofa is not intended to be placed against a wall but as an island, which is the way Uzbek seating is traditionally arranged. Large cushions on the seat make the sofa particularly comfortable and snug.


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  • Wybie

    nice patterns/prints

  • perfect!!!!!

  • modular

    Nice job

  • broken designer

    Way much better than the project she showed.

    Once more congrats to Patricia

  • yung

    appreciate her talents in forms much more than just garphics..

  • I love the thought of perhaps first coming across this sofa from the back already admiring it, then being further surprised by the front. The patterns are beautiful and so subtle, like a quietly whispered aria.

  • j

    sweet, I like the use of pattern

  • galgal12345

    so quiet so powerful!