Tout Va Bien cabinet by Antoine Audiau and
Manuel Warosz



Milan 09: graphic designers Antoine Audiau and Manuel Warosz presented a cabinet for furniture brand BD Barcelona Design at the Salone Internazionale del Mobile in Milan last week.


Called Tout Va Bien, the cabinet is decorated with relief patterns derived from "arts and crafts, hieroglyphic language, contemporary graphics, fantasy, and optimism."


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Here's some text from BD Barcelona Design:



Rarely does a graphic designer (two, in this case) go into the field of furniture design. We have to go far back in time to find them, to the times of the high and low reliefs. This is exactly what Antoine Audiau and Manuel Warosz have done, a couple of extraordinary Parisian graphic artists who sign their works as Antoine + Manuel. The cabinet they have designed for this new collection brought out by Bd Barcelona design is a surprising mixture of arts and Crafts, hieroglyphic language, contemporary graphics, fantasy and optimism. It is produced with the quality of yesteryear but using today’s technologies in two versions, Basic and Top, distinguished by the shape of the top and because the more exclusive option also offers the possibility of choosing the colour in accordance to the RAL colour references.


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  • jed_

    totally gorgeous! (apart from the legs which are awful)

  • The Milan Furniture Fair certainly paid put to the paranoia going around in the industry about low footfalls and even sales turnaround for the coming quarter! Although not as fantasy-inspired or alter-modernist as last year’s exhibition, this year saw some stealthy designs by new faces. Check out this link for an insider’s dope on how manufacturers and designers stayed afloat the ‘design’ boat:

  • famul

    Yaaaaahhh, Menphis nonsense is back !!!!

  • mikaël

    I could tell before reading the info that this was the work of a graphic designer since this is packaging and nothing more

  • this I adore, but what would thrill me more would be substituting the cone shaped legs for the other two more interesting ones.

  • One of my favourite designs from the fair!

  • + Rarely does a graphic designer go into the field of furniture design. It’s more overdecorated than Wanders + Hayon together but in white it’s not too much … why?
    + to : mikaël surface design ,decorative design, packaging why not?
    + i ‘m agree with Jed and Royal Creme for feet.
    + Sorry famul it’s not the colors and shape of Memphis design too

  • Suki

    Take a pinch of Hayon add some Studio job and give it a whirl !

  • King

    Finally Postmodernism is back, I knew it would happen soon !

  • Woow! This is the real thing.

  • Ann

    umm, John Hejduk’s Cathedral much?

  • LOW

    wow… this is going to make some rich hypster
    very very very happy

  • stephane

    Graphic designer trying to do furniture.

  • mikaël

    You got me there prof Z, I guess we all like nice things, but this just reminds me why people often think being a designer is little more than having a mac and wearing a scarf while insisting that your client needs a marble bathtub because thats how they roll in Tuscany. Sure I’d prefer this thing to a neo-chippendale cupboard, but still, I feel its gimmicky. I need more substance, you know, someone that knows materials and production methods and how to play with them and turn them around. Am I asking for to much, maybe dezeen got me expecting more than I should be allowed to hope for… damn you Dezeen, you turned me into a monster

  • it’s narrative design … see good explanation in Metropolis

  • unpopular

    … another monster here.

  • It reminds me more of Japanese wood-cuts or block printing “raised” to 3D furniture design. Am I wrong?

  • i’m sorry Blue-Lotus but my answer was moderated


    i like this but inlike10 years it will be something cheese and naive

  • garth n.

    umm..where are the mountain tops (on the tabletop) in the last photo?

    do they recline into this piece that ‘tries so hard’?

  • Oh, come on, why are comments being moderated like in a Film Censor Board’s Office? Getting too commercial are you?

  • cool.., they have to fight with Jaime Hayon desk side by side…, eclectic vs eclectic

  • Paul Pincus

    it’s jaime hayon meets louise nevelson.

  • We have to go far back in time to find them, to the times of the high and low reliefs. this is so cool, beautiful, and amazing,,