Villa Julia by Javier Mariscal for Magis



Milan 09: Italian design brand Magis launched Villa Julia, a cardboard playhouse for children by Spanish designer Javier Mariscal, in Milan last week.


The house was launched at the Salone Internazionale del Mobile last week, as part of Magis' Me Too range of children's furniture.


The black and white Villa Julia comes with stickers so children can personalise their playhouse.

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Posted on Saturday May 2nd 2009 at 9:10 am by Ali Morris. Copyright policy | Comments policy

  • This is such a great idea- rather than build a heavy wooden playhouse that sits empty in a backyard for years after a child has grown up…..this can probably be recycled! Good one!

  • Post

    I want to see interiors, and plans, sections …

  • M

    I want to go there.

  • stev

    Nice! Inspired by Jean Dubuffet I guess.

  • stev

    … Jean Dubuffet found his inspiration in childrens drawings – so it’s fair to give some inspiration back to zhe kids by / via Mariscal :-)

  • Bas

    Kids should build these by themselves – a bit sad to buy a “designed” one for them…

  • belisha

    and what about you? shouldn’t you also design and build the stuff you consume?

    i understand your subtext, but still – it seems that we project too many of our willings thrower our children.

  • It’s adorable. I would like to commission one for myself. I would require more color though and why the unfinished inside? That’s where one’s eyes should really feast…

  • Royal creme , gives colors pen to children … so children can personalise their playhouse + stickers in box or other
    Add also the table by Marcel Wanders with feet to personalise …

  • Behind each Magis designer, i always see Eugenio Perazza’s art direction and also his design management …Each children will be next Jean Dubuffet or Dali or Wanders …painter, interior designer… and why not a furniture carboard designer if you give him some carboard …

  • bodkin

    it’s a playhouse for children to play in, i think everyone might be taking it a little bit too seriously. it’d be nice to have a range of different house types so you could get together with your mates and put together a really weird looking village. you’d probably then get some rich kid whose dad would buy him a town hall or a police station cardboard house and start bossing all the other kids about, then it would get all ‘animal farm’ like and degenerate into chaos with the other kids ganging up on the rich kid and tearing down the establishment……..

  • Garriri

    Jajajaja!! que Dubuffet ni que leches…es puro Mariscal!! me encanta el estilo Castelldefels de la casita!!

  • lmjabreu

    Stickers? Very industrial..

  • This is absolutely wonderful, a perfect home!
    I want it!!!!!!!!!

  • lara

    Love the idea, but $275 is way too steep for it!