Ikea PS Collection in Milan



Milan 09: Swedish furniture brand Ikea showed in Milan for the first time this year, presenting their PS Collection by designers including Front and Hella Jongerius. Above: Ikea PS SÅGA by Nike Karlsson


The collection, exhibited at the Ikea show in Zona Tortona, consists of over 40 affordable, sustainable products by 20 designers. Above: Ikea PS Spika by Maria Vinka and  Jon Karlsson


See all our stories from Milan 09 in our special category. Above: Ikea PS Svarva by Front


Above: Ikea PS SVARVA by Front


Above: Ikea PS SELMA by Front


Above: Ikea PS BRYGGA by Marcus Arvonen


Above: Ikea PS MIKKEL by Design: Hella Jongerius. See more about Jongerius' new work for Ikea in our earlier story.


Above: Ikea PS MASKROS by Marcus Arvonen


Above: Ikea PS SPRAKA by Marcus Arvonen


Above: Ikea PS BINTJE by Francis Cayouette

Above: Ikea PS STOCK by Olga Popyrina


Above: Ikea PS SKAL by Nicolas Cortolezzis


Above: Ikea PS VÄVA by Wiebke Braasch


Above: IKEA PS RASKEN by Anna Leckström


Above: Ikea PS AUGUST by Nike Karlsson


Above: Ikea PS KROG by Sigga Heimis


Above: Ikea PS SLINGRA by Ehlén Johansson


Above: Ikea PS PENDEL by Carl Hagerling

Above: Ikea PS NYBYGGE by Francis Cayouette


Above: Ikea PS BJUDA by Gunnel Sahlin


Above: Ikea PS KÄLLA by Gunnel Sahlin


Above: Ikea PS KARLJOHAN by Christian Halleröd


Above: Ikea PS FJÄLLBJÖRK by Maria Vinka


Above: Ikea PS KVARNSTEN by Thomas Eriksson


Above: Ikea PS HÄLLAR by Maria Vinka

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  • I saw this collection … it’s very interesting in design management but i think most of the shops doesn’t follow ( see in Ikea blog)… I dunnot saw all the projects of Front , the leading studio, in shop for example…

  • modular

    This is an excellent collection with great products. It’s great that Ikea is “hiring” top-notch designers to create new products.

    Big thumbs up for new designs. No more copying of other designers work. Good job Ikea!

  • mikaël

    so… am I to understand I can finally afford a Front chair and eat swedish meat balls… there is a God

  • k. rimane

    it’s about time Ikea starts showing some respect for wood and the environment by creating objects that people will keep and adore.

  • garth n.

    wow. i am amazed at the quality of design here. ikea is phat.

  • Though I was skeptical, I find the chair by Christian Halleröd quite compelling. This renews my long faded interest in Ikea.

  • Disgusted by Design

    What about my comment ? Freedom of speech is not known to you people i guess ! Why do you delete my comment ? Am i worth less than all the other users. I risk my job by surfing your website during work and you delete my comment, how dare you ! I wish the swine flu upon you.

  • my comments was moderated too….

  • jh

    ..to be honest i also dont really understand the comment policy here as well. on one hand people get the nastiest insulting crits for their work (including myself), on the other hand, if i try some constructive critisism i wont get published. whats that? it should be all published except if it’s insulting. or u close the comment function down. this arbitrary cencorship here really starts to suck.

  • jomirod

    I like the Halleröd stool/table, even though has a doppelgander in Sergio Rodrigues’ Mocho stool, though with more current proportions. The floor lamp by Front is nice as well.

  • When i wrote no positive comment no way(about some products Ikea)
    When i wrote positive comment sometimes published (about Magis for children )
    When i wrote comment about moderation it’s published (always)
    Conclusion: Dezeen wants to show to CEO and marketing director , the blog has changed the comment policy …

  • Hi all, yes indeed we are developing a new comments policy. See details here and let us know what you think.


  • may be i will stop comments in french and english blogs

  • Azm

    “I wish the swine flu upon you”, I can’t stop laughing!!

  • J*

    Hi Marcus and the others, especially the ones that got the chop in this page…

    I read the “policy”, as Marcus advised here, and although I agree with the tolerate/not tolerate points, I’d like to comment on this:

    “To avoid repetition, we tend not to approve comments that make the same point as earlier comments.”

    ==> completely not understand why: if 90% of the comments are deleted because they reflect the same point, the overall “judgement” of the article is completely biaised, which is really unfair (one way or another)

    “Remember that a lot of hard work has gone into their projects and getting a slating from Dezeen’s readers can be very demoralising.”

    ==> this shouldn’t be an excuse not to criticise firmly the projects. If something is bad, it is bad. Let’s say so.

    “We reserve the right to edit comments or to refuse to publish them. We try to curate our comments section so that it reflects a variety of opinions but it is not a public forum and we are under no obligation to publish any comment or to justify our decision.”

    ==> How can you say it is not a public forum, when you claim so many readers? this forum is open to anyone who has a computer, it looks fairly public to me. You either allow all comments (which tick the “tolerate” box) or none. Your website yes, OUR freedom of speech.

    Also, I just hope too that you NEVER “edit” our comments…

  • “I wish the swine flu upon you”, I can’t stop laughing!! ?????

  • Le modérateur n’applique pas les règles que Marcus Fairs met en avant dans son texte.
    Faire un commentaire devient une véritable loterie. Ce n’est donc sans intérêt car il n’y a rien à gagner. On va assister à la baisse des commentaires et à leur appauvrissement culturel car un bon commentaire implique une vraie recherche et donc un investissement personnel.


  • t

    i like the 2nd chair (natural wood),it makes me smile, it looks humble, a little bit funny and individual. I could imagine a set round a kitchen table, but possible with cushions, (looks quite practicle too)

  • the truth

    I am actually debating taking my name off of the mailing list due to this “censorship”. I find it completely ridiculous to “moderate” any commentary on blogs.. that’s the point of “comments”, to hear people’s opinions. Sure you won’t always like what you hear but for a blog about Design, and NEW Design at that, to be moderating is the most hypocritical thing I’ve ever heard.

    If you cannot take criticism you should not be in either the business of Media or Product Creation.

    There are plenty of other blogs to look at that feature what Dezeen does, so if Dezeen wants to be big brother I think I will start to visit the other sites more.

    Hopefully this gets posted.. But of course, that’s only if the ruling class of Dezeen thinks it is acceptable.

  • Hello The Truth. Why don’t you live up to your name and publish your real name and email address?!


  • the truth

    Hello Marcus

    I prefer to keep my name and email address (which you already have because I get your mailings already) off of public internet sites. The internet as I am sure you are very aware is not safe regarding personal info. I don’t see how me posting either of the above (my name or email) publicly will as you say “live up to my name”. I could have written Bob Wood or Susie May Jones (both of which are not my real name) and you and every one else would be none the wiser.

    I would like to think my comments would still be valid even though my “real name” isn’t next to them. Do you think someone is really named, “modular” , “j*”, etc.?
    I would like to think that most people use code names and the like when posting.

    This entire dialogue is becoming about free-speech, which means we are all free to say and write what we want want, as well as what we do not.

    I hope that helps you understand why I chose not to put my real name, because it’s not always about “who” is saying something.. it is about “what” is being said.


  • Aj

    Out of all the blogs I read Dezeen is the worst in censoring comments. If ever I post anything slightly negative they don’t post it. (I’ll actually be surprised if they post this!)

    I’m sorry, but the fact that “a lot of hard work” went into the creation of these projects is no reason not to be able to state one’s opinion in the comments section. We’re talking about design here, not raising kindergarteners. Grow up.

  • @The Truth: We never publish email addresses but when people submit false ones to us I tend to assume it’s due to cowardice rather than concerns about privacy. People use the anonymity the internet affords to say things they’d never dare say if their identity was known. Occasionally we DO find out who’s behind some of the nastier (or more sycophantic) comments and they’re always horribly embarrassed and apologetic when they’re unmasked.

    It’s also easy to wave the “free speech” flag but if you met me in the street would you really use the same language (“moderating is the most hypocritical thing I’ve ever heard”) as you did in your comments above? No, you wouldn’t. And nor would any of our other big-mouth commenters, I’ll bet.

    @Aj: you can call it “censoring” but to me it’s another aspect of editing: we carefully select the projects we publish on Dezeen and now we’re going to start being more selective about the comments we publish. We’re not going to remove “anything slightly negative” but we want to encourage a more constructive critical debate. The anarchy of our comments section was fun for a while but we’re growing tired of the abuse – and we know that MANY of the designers who are on the receiving end of it are tired of it too. We ARE growing up, and that’s precisely why we’re making this change.

  • Brian


    I really like what I see in this IKEA exhibition. It is a great step in termsof
    pushing Design and High thinking to the mass market.

    I wanna be an IKEA designer too! ;)


  • Having spent a good portion of my week handing out crits to design students at two different schools, I have to say I find the comment moderation to be more than a bit ridiculous. There’s precious little I wouldn’t say to an architect/designer’s face (and have.), and I don’t need anyone else deciding where that line is for me.

    Further, the notion that points made once shouldn’t be made again seems completely off the rails, since so much critical debate about any project is quite often about the same few points.

    There’s a difference between trolling(and I don’t doubt you get your share of trolls here) and just being someone whose ideas or delivery you may not like. Until you figure out how to separate the two, you’re going to have serious problems.

    I’ve been to many a crit(even some of my own) where the jurors have been BRUTAL. Hell, I’ve *been* that brutal judge, more than once. That’s part of what we do in design. To remove that is to be disingenuous and it’s not going to change the profession- it’s just going to piss people off, and while I agree you shouldn’t write anything you wouldn’t say to someone’s face, I think you underestimate what people are in fact, willing to say to someone’s face.

    Being a designer means that you’re going to get slammed in crit. Period. That’s what is going to happen. Removing that just means lying about who we are and what we do.

  • the truth


    I have just unsubscribed from the Dezeen mailing list. There are plenty of other places I’d rather check and be affiliated with than one like your operation.
    I mean the fact that you, the proprietor of this site, basically tried to call me out and tell me what I would say if we met in the street is downright lame.. not to mention your backhanded comment about cowardice.

    I’ll tell you what….If you ever come to Baltimore and want to “meet me on the street”… hit me up, you have my email.. I would love to have the opportunity to tell someone like you exactly how I feel in person. Believe me, in person the experience will be a lot different.

    You should spend more time working on building relationships and your site than trying to call out the people who support it.. or used to. Step your game up.

    I highly recommend that anyone else out there who doesn’t want to be moderated by this site to check out the vast number of other places to keep up with design.

    Thanks and have a pleasant day.

  • Goodbye The Truth! You talk about freedom of speech and criticise us but when I dare to criticise you back, you storm off in a sulk. Now who’s the hypocrite?


  • I am quite disappointed by this. I agree that being negative just for the sport of it can bore, but I do believe we should be able to truthfully say how we are impacted by a particular design. And not posting repetitive comments I think is a bit much. It’s always interesting to know when a particular design stirs a lot of feedback and what the make-up is of such feedback. I find it refreshing to know when something completely mystifies me, yet is praised by 30 people. Though I love this site, I am still salty about being censored on the Humlegarden Apartment…I’ll stay with you though, whatever you decide.

  • the truth


    No one is storming off, or sulking for the matter. I just prefer not to support businesses who are more concerned with berating their customers and censoring them than they are with building positive relationships.

    Looks like a few other people are a bit disappointed in the way you are interacting as well.
    You might want to think about that. Take a look at yourself.

    Like I said, come to Baltimore… we can “meet in the street”. We’ll see who the hypocrite is.

  • Gabriel is my real name

    I would like to say that, although I also think the principle (or ideal) of an internet blog is freedom of opinion, I find the posture of null-responsibility for comments quite hypocritical in itself. An internet blog is created collectively; therefore it is a collective effort and responsibility to take it to high standards.

    It is very cynical to demand freedom for commenting on information that is being delivered to us FOR FREE (and with great quality for the most part), but evade any liability whatsoever for the standards demanded. If we as visitors and contributors to Dezeen wish for a high-standard, free and plural, design blog, we should take some of that responsibility in our hands.

    If the Dezeen team have felt the need for introducing comment moderation and censorship, it is ONLY because we as commentators have failed to do our part in this collective project. Dezeen should not feel the need for such restrictions, because we should know better. Therefore, I ask the Dezeen team to give us a second chance, and I ask the Dezeen community (which is all of us on THIS side of the keyboard) to begin with establishing the high standards ourselves.

  • Thank you Gabriel! We work really hard to provide all this free information to people and when people post abusive comments if feels like inviting people to your house and then watching them smash the furniture. We don’t want those kind of people here any more.


  • photosynthesis

    It is a natural progression that eventually commenters will get out of hand and quite aggressive. I have seen this happen a few times on other blogs.

    There is nothing wrong with negative comments, in fact it is a very constructive process, as long as they are not poisonous and hurtful.

    I personally would not like to be censored by “The Man/Men” at Dezeen as I would feel it to be a very undemocratic process. I would much rather be censored by my peers. Most of us are decent and honorable people, we should be able to call things out ourselves and then, if need be, ask for things to be deleted( in extreme cases). We are not children. I think we should be able to police ourselves.

    It is not JUST about the variety of different comments, but also an informal voting process which to me is also the fascinating part of an open discussion. I want to know:

    “HOW MANY PEOPLE like this or HOW MANY PEOPLE dislike this”


    “HOW MANY PEOPLE like THAT and not THIS!”


    Please do not spoil this freedom for us!

    FORUMS need to be FREE and self-regulating!

    Peace and Love,


  • DexterDayglo

    Hahahahahahahahahah Marcus, at the comment about your guests destroying the furniture. I think you meant to say the BURROWED furniture.

    You accuse people of coming here and behaving badly then turn around and attack those who disagree with your methods, and when they leave because they are offended you attack them some more behind their back. I guess its okay for the host to attack the guests, just because its your house, right?

    It is your business, this, and you are entitled to run it as an adoration society for all the designers who so go out of their way to allow you to provide us with all of this free information, just dont expect all to follow suit. Yours is simply the (what should become known as the) Blair- BAE logic defense (clumsy in name, clumsy in execution); your “partners” have threatened one way or another, to stop cooperating with you because of their displeasure at being criticised/flamed/etc by bloody civilians and you have decided to sacrifice a conerstone of good design (and indeed, life) practice – feedback, in order to secure their enduring cooperation.

    Do us all a favour we can all agree on and remove all traces of the word design from your baby and replace it with propaganda.

    Okay, i am glad to have gotten that off my chest even if i will end up in the recycle bin with all of the others of a similar view, bet you we dont all see eye to eye though.

  • xtiaan

    Marcus Says:

    May 12th, 2009 at 7:44 am
    Thank you Gabriel! We work really hard to provide all this free information to people and when people post abusive comments if feels like inviting people to your house and then watching them smash the furniture. We don’t want those kind of people here any more.

    could you be any more precious? if it wasnt for your readers you wouldnt have a website, and as for the drama queen smashing furniture comment bad analogy, the internet is a public place, expect to get mugged once in a while.

  • yimyim

    I thought I just might weight my opinion into the mix.
    Actually Anoniminity, for me, is what this is ALL about. And the internet brings the chance to free yourself of the preconceptions of your image, age, race, location, gender, background, eye colour…etc.etc.etc. Actually, and much more importantly, it allows one to free him/herself of the above mentioned from being IMPOSED onto THEM, and digress with others not normally reachable, on a seemingly equal level. THATS THE POINT . AND for me THIS is one of the major joys/pains of the internet as a medium. If you over-control, or only allow ‘known’ entites to post, it is resigning to mediocrity, and indeed wasting the potential of this medium, perhaps.
    However disrespect for disrespects own sake is never nice, noone will argue otherwise, and people will always abuse everything, but that is not the reason to lock it up…

  • Joaquin

    Hey, cut it people. I’m even amazed how many of you trail back and monitor whether your comments are being published! I’d say get a life, shut down ur PC and go work on some real designs (or other things) once in a while.

    I believe in freedom of speech with a limit. You don’t go out and say bad things to people and not expect consequences. Here, you take advantages of internet anonymity and spit whatever you want to here, just because there is no consequence, and no responsibility. Most of the time it’s just something to compensate your deep complexes of not being recognized or actually achieve anything like the featured designers.

    So, Dezeen, keep up the good work. I may have used inappropriate words and may do again, so moderate me if you have to, cuz I’m not an Ota-ku who come back and get pissed if my opinion isn’t there.

  • G-Unit

    “Goodbye The Truth! You talk about freedom of speech and criticise us but when I dare to criticise you back, you storm off in a sulk. Now who’s the hypocrite?


    As the representative of a site, frequented by professionals I feel this to be a little immature. Asides from this, great coverage, shame about the moderation though.


  • xtiaan

    why not let comments get approved by the readers themselves, like so many negative points on a comment and it gets removed?
    or start a forum where readers can sign in and talk to each other?

    That way dezeen can show clearly that it IS unbiased in its coverage,
    the community can moderate itself (a system that has been shown to work on any number of other sites) so therefore eveyone would be happy no?

    and most of all poor marcus doesnt have to taint his eyeballs with the filthy unwanted dross from, as he puts it, “THOSE kind of people”

  • xtiaan

    and out of interest why has this discussion been relegated to the bottom of an old ikea post?

    clearly someone doesnt much care what his readers think.

  • Linda Ericson-Ebel

    I love IKEA for supporting cutting edge design. I want to buy the hanging light fixture for my kitchen. Is it possible to take off the shade for washing? How much does it cost? and is it available in New Haven, CT?__Linda

  • "I risk my job by surfing your website during work and you delete my comment"