Pandora by Sander Mulder



Milan 09: Dutch designer Sander Mulder presented a modular cabinet resembling shipping containers in Zona Tortona last month.


The units are made of powder-coated steel with glass shelves.


Here's some more information from Sander Mulder:


In a few decades our whole world economy has become reliant on the containerization of our supply lines. Known the world over for its indestructible appearance and boxy look, the shipping container is one of the best known industrial archetypes.


This modular storage system is inspired by the wonderful colour mosaics that sprout to life in every harbor and container terminal the world around.


The individual pieces can be stacked and rotated around in endless (colour-) combinations, to create your personal container terminal for all domestic storage uses.


Technical information:
Colour(s): available in all RAL colours.
Dimensions (HxWXD): Small:50x100x50cm, Medium:100x100x50cm, Large:200x100x50cm.
Weight: Small: 40kg, Medium: 90 kg, Large: 120 kg.
Material: powder coated steel, stained glass.
Design: Sander Mulder.


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  • I do hope these colors are just a start. The interiors, must they be white?

  • trend ? a superpostion of small containers of differents sizes and colors, i saw 3 in 3 months….

  • amsam

    This piece makes me realize that in all the vast variety of objects on Dezeen, almost none is flat-out ugly. It also makes me realize that basically I don’t like ugly things.

  • Martin

    I think they missed a trick here. They should be painted red/orange and given a halflife logo :-)

  • Wadi

    stacking a 40- 120gk container by hand- I would say it’s a nice furniture for a body builder lounge. And what’s the point of having glas shelfes in a furniture so strong connected to shipping around?
    Nice colours!

  • I think they are very humorous and there lies their beauty. I especially like the combination of robust outside and the gentle glass shelve inside, as if the outside was protecting the shelf from breaking. Here I would keep things that are precious to me.

  • Viqui

    I could see the design working much better as refrigerated cabinets, like “Add another module to your fridge” kind of design. I don’t find it warm and cozy enough for my “precious things”.

  • Ooh! I agree with Viqui’s idea. Such bulky cabinets are a throwback to those clunky wooden chests of what – the 10th century? – seen in Western Europe. What would you ideally save in these shelves? How about something funny, frivolous and totally-unexpected? Jack in the Box perhaps?

  • Shipping containers are beautiful because their aesthetic is informed solely by its utility. These cabinets take the elements of a shipping container that exist to maximize their functionality and attempt to apply them to a problem (household storage) for which they are not suited. By undermining the functionality these cabinets have made a mockery of the aesthetic rather than a successful appropriation. A cabinet would be much more efficient if made out of a more suitable (lighter) material. The set of three cabinets- one small, one medium, and one large weighs more than 550 lbs. Good design is that which is aesthetically pleasing but does not needlessly sacrifice practicality. In this case, the heavy structural steel frame with disproportionately large latches houses delicate glass shelves, thus negating the benefits of the steel and therefore the functionality of the cabinet. If design is an attempt to marry practicality and aesthetic, these shelves have failed in both respects.

  • Elizabeth Wheeler

    dollhouse industrial? that is almost interesting.

  • keti

    i don’t know why, but i had a sudden flash-back of when i was playing architect.. building Lego houses :)

  • Hahaha Keti! Just reading a blog: Rem Koolhaas’ answer to Lego Bricks: Cantilevers & Deconstructivity on a design site. You see a cosmic connection between bricks, mortar and lego toys? :P

  • Are these storage boxes? The picture seems to be concept boxes.