Pipe and Trattoria by Jasper Morrison for Magis


Pipe by Jasper Morrison_pipe-chair_03.jpg

Milan 09: British designer Jasper Morrison showed two collections, Pipe (above) and Trattoria (below), for Magis at the Salone Internazionale del Mobile in Milan last month.trattoria-sedia.jpg

The new Trattoria collection (above and below) consists of a table and chair both with solid beech legs. The chair has a textured polycarbonate seats and the table has a HPL laminate top.

Trattoria by Jasper Morrison_trattoria-tavolo_1.jpg

The Pipe collection (below), consisting of a stacking chair, a stacking stool and a table, is made from tubular aluminium frames and punched steel plates.

Pipe by Jasper Morrison_pipe-chair_02.jpg

Pipe was launched by Magis in Milan last year.

Pipe by Jasper Morrison_pipe-table_01.jpg

The Pipe table (above) has a beech plywood top.

Pipe by Jasper Morrison_pipe-stool_01.jpg

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Pipe by Jasper Morrison_pipe-chair_01.jpg

Trattoria by Jasper Morrison_tavolo 2.jpg

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  • modular

    I love Magis stuff, and these chairs – ok, only the ‘Pipe’ – are wicked!

  • jens

    I cant help but think of barberosgerby’s de la warr pavilion chair when I look at pipe…

  • Azm

    Very close to the interrogation chair used for morphieus in the first part of the movie Matrix!.

  • Hate not to jump into the super normal debate – as it’s a corner to fight….

    ….but on a base level I think these are actually quite ugly – really computery and look a bit like over cooked spaghetti.

    • hamg

      yeah, thats why the name is tratorria…