Grey Goose bar by Puresang



Antwerp designers Puresang have completed the interior of a bar at the headquarters of vodka brand Grey Goose in Brussels, Belgium.


The bar features a faceted wall composed of blue, triangular mirror-tiles and has a conference table at one end of the bar.


Photographs are by Frank Gielen.


The information below is from Puresang:


Grey Goose bar

Grey goose vodka asked Puresang to design a full operating bar in their headquarters in Brussels. The design became a very exciting play of blue mirrors, cut in triangles and mounted in 3D against the wall to create more depth and tactility in the rather small space. The client asked for a high-roller drinking environment that could also be used as a meeting room. That’s why the high gloss bar runs over in the meeting table.


The atmospheric light structure is custom made for this project and reflects the sparkles of ice. The wall at the end of the bar gives the room a dramatic feel without being too ‘product placing’. The bottles are used as a screen that feels as an ice wall.


Light and projection of light are the main features in this room, creating different perspectives by changing the way you're located in the space.


What: bar in headquarters Brussels

Where: Brussels, Belgium

Design by: Puresang

Pictures by: Frank Gielen


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  • plans? sections?

  • g

    I think the light structure is very successful…both within the context of the project and in the context of lighting projects of this (dare i call it) style…

    I’d love to see some more details on it!

  • LOW



    Does anyone know if that’s a custom light fixture or where I could purchase something like that?

  • Gaia

    Are those in the 1st pic “One” chairs by Konstantin Grcic?…

  • MDmitri

    Does some one no, those chairs with the traingels.
    (name, designer, fabric?)


  • jomirid

    MDmitri, Gaia: Those are indeed Konstantin Grcic’s Chair One.

  • nothingbutcode

    talk about leitmotif. there’s triangulation EVERYWHERE.

    i like the components of the design on their own (mirror wall, “tables”, lighting, chairs), but all together? seems a bit oppressive(?).

  • I like wall ice

  • Lux

    does anyone know the address of this bar (or of the brussels’ grey goose headquarters, for that purpose), because it is virtually NOWHERE to be found online!! grrrrrr ;)

  • Z Corp

    the lighting fixture is by Quasar

  • P Dx

    Magic I love it!
    Chairs are by Magis. Quasar has very similar lights. Bizarrely, I’m using the same combination on my new project. Everything has been done before!!

  • soulchen

    it will be better to add more of the star lights

  • Dear All,

    @ Lux, the grey goose bar is a private bar for the employees of the Bacardi-Martini office in Brussels. So I think it’s impossible to get there

    @Z Corp. the lighting fixture is not by Quasar. but custom made by – atelier by Jan Pauwels – a real master in lighting.

    at your service !


  • Very nice Bar!

  • stunning…thats all :)