Night & Day by Patricia Urquiola for Molteni&C



Milan 09: Italian brand Molteni&C presented Night & Day, a seating system by Spanish designer Patricia Urquiola at the Salone Internazionale del Mobile in Milan last month.


The system consists of a range of upholstered sofas, chaise longues and single beds that can be arranged in various combinations.


Urquiola has also designed accessories including tables, storage and lamps for the system.


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Here's some info from Molteni&C:


Night&Dayis a seating system based on the theme of versatility, the interpretation of spaces through new innovative solutions. Irony, comfort, taste, imagination and rationality come together in this new design by Patricia Urquiola.


The various solutions – important sofa, chaise longue or comfortable single bed – are all based on the idea of transformation.


A design without limits: colours, sizes, adjustable back and accessories to contain or display everyday objects can be combined together to give free expression to individual taste and satisfy individual needs.


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  • Wybie

    very functional

  • Indi

    Nice pieces but sometimes you shouldn’t say anything. ‘Irony’?

  • It reminds me of her Clip bed. Accessories and comfort details make this design special, like most of her designs.

  • simmlab could buy this couch.

  • g

    This is a shining moment in the history of the remote caddy…

    Kidding aside I think its quite nice…would seem like old hat for her…but nice none the less…

  • Great piece, I wonder what the color options are. I like the accessories best. Is that side table more of a bin or is there a covering for it so that things can be placed on top?

  • jed_

    it’s not a bin, it’s a recepticle for perfectly arranged stationary. just what we all need, of course.

  • Rafel

    Nice design, I suppose the white color is shown here just because it looks nice in the photos, white sofas are always shown in decoration magazines. But white is very unpractical for a sofa… unless you change the clothes every year…

  • felicidades!
    este diseño es super funcional,
    ideal para colocarlo en casi cualquier espacio debido a
    sus multiples formas qu posee para acomodarlo.
    representa un buen uso de la estetica, la eleccion del color y los textiles usados me parecen muy correctos y y los espacio funcionales con los que cuenta son muy utiles.