Light Blubs Special Editions by Pieke Bergmans



Milan 09: in Milan last month Dutch designer Pieke Bergmans presented a new collection of Light Blubs as part of her ongoing Design Virus project.


The lighting comprises hand-blown bulbs containing LEDs.


This year they were presented attached to pendant and desk lamps, and resting on old office furniture.


Bergmans also exhibited another project, called Crate Furniture, in Milan - see our previous story.


Here's some more information from Bergmans:


Light Blubs

‘special editions’

A unique series of Light Blubs designed by Pieke Bergmans. Bergmans ‘infected’ some light bulbs last year, which means melted bulbs came dripping down from the ceiling…


This year the infection did not cure. It’s on the rampage with no cure in sight. Even the bulbs in the safe haven of their lamps are not spared. Their DNA has mutated, more grotesque, more mutilated than ever before.


Like with an infection, the older the product the more susceptible it is: old and tired lamps surrendering their bulbs to gravity. A desk lamp giving up on life, its last gasp forming the bulb. Office cupboards, made superfluous by digital databases, prop up Light Blubs with care and love. A lamp ejects her Light Blub in desperation.


These symptoms are unique, their phenomena unpredictable. The Light Blubs accepting their fate and the pull of gravity.


Series of led lamps:
Color: white
Edition: 12 unique pieces
Dimensions: 20-70 x 10-45 cm
Material: hand blown glass
Lights: 24V Osram Power Leds, 7,5 – 15W


Galleria Design Virus
Via Tortona 12 / Milan / Italia


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  • Indra

    Brilliant narrative though I wished the light blubs can change shape just like with environment effect rather than moulded before hand.

    • matthew

      outrageous comment there!

  • Most refreshing

  • matt

    amazing work

  • Good idea :-) The one with the chair looks like a nutsack

  • münte

    superb. i love this work.

  • What a GREAT idea!!! Now I wanna have this bulb in my studio some day!

  • lmnop

    they all look like scrotums! gigantic, heavy scrotums. pretty cool though.

  • brava pieke! mooi stuff.

  • mp

    THis is amazing quite dali like…

  • Indi

    A hoot

  • absolutely fantastic work .. taken to such a humorous level …

  • Fling

    From the Buster Gonad School of Design

  • I love the concept of manic depressive light bulbs. What would a happy one look like?

  • LOW

    Film noir meets the blob
    im in love

  • Madaboutoldcars

    they put me in mind of The Salvador Dali’s melted clocks……..

  • wOw!
    parecen obra de el mismo Dalí.,
    excelente idea!

  • I love this one. please sale it someday in Japan. Sure I’ll buy.

  • natalia bergmans

    hola soy de argentina y buscando origenes de mi apellido encontre esta hermosas obras de arte las cuales me sorprendieron el buen estilo moderno que da… muy inovador.. un saludo.. mi nombre es natalia bergmans y tengo a mis bis abuelos que provenian de alemania..