The Clock Clock by Humans Since 1982


The Clock Clock by Humans Since 1982

Swedish designers Humans since 1982 have created a digital clock made of 24 analogue clocks, which spell out the time with their hands.


The designers have also developed a typeface derived from letter forms created by banks of clocks.


See demonstrations of the Clock Clock on YouTube here and here.


The prototype Clock Clock will be exhibited at the Rhösska design museum in Göteborg from June till mid August 2009.


See our earlier story on Celebrating the Cross 1 by humans since 1982.

Here's some text from humans since 1982:


we are designstudents at HDK Göteborg in Sweden and gathered under the name "humans since 1982".


After having successfully launched our "Surveillance Light" and our lounger "Celebrating the cross 1" we now developed a prototype of a wall clock: we call it "The clock clock". Hereby 24 manual alarm clocks show the time in a digital manner.


We also have developed a typefont on this basis. This prototype will be shown at Rhösska design-museum in Göteborg from june till mid of august 2009.

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  • johnyboy

    How in the world do they make a 1?

  • johnyboy: look at the youtube video

  • Milkc

    or an Eight?

  • 123

    watch the video.

  • Indi

    But isn’t it threatening to be swastika o’clock? Maybe I just watch too much Mel Brooks . . . .

  • Very Interesting

  • Praxis

    It’s a “prototype” but it doesn’t actually seem to work. All of the videos showing this thing have the hands painted in with pixels instead of the physical hands moving. Therefore these designers have not actually “created” anything besides a concept.

  • Indra

    or 8

  • douwe

    Or the 7

  • siandjing

    @johny: 01 you stupid

  • Williamboy

    nobody looks at the time at 1 anyway… (rolling eyes) :D

  • bitch boy

    with a straight line, probably on the left side like on a normal digital clock.

  • glue

    You can see the 1 in the video… but what about the 8? ;)

  • ConditionOfMan

    You can see an example of the 8 in the typeface example right above the youtube links. “humans since 1982”

  • chapmaniac

    haha, good point johnyboy

  • tat

    love the clocks

  • Just paint the frames white, or lose them altogether. Fantastic project. I can see the “awe” factor as you slowly step away and realize why they all show different times.

  • archimaniak

    after REviewing “Humans since 1982 “s previous post on Dezeen and the ones on , I can only wonder more and more why it’s always the symbols of Christianity that are questioned, used for self-promotion, abused&used, disrespected, etc., and not any other religious symbol from the tens of other religions, say Judaism, Islam, Buddhism…!!??

    I wonder if these religions or their followers would be as tolerant and patient as Christians?
    … guess not, because if we question, criticize, caricature, or joke about Judaism we become anti-Semitic, or Islam, we get attacked and buildings burned down (Beirut during Mohammad Danish caricatures “scandal”)…
    isn’t this something to ponder upon?

    …just needed to let this out of my system and hve others’ opinions!

  • Wow!

  • Hugo
  • C.H.Hon

    I think they solved the “1” prob in a quite clever way… so as for the case of displaying letters. Interesting.

  • marcel farhood

    very very superbe 10/10


  • amsam

    so so very awesome. congrats to these visionaries (and hall of shame to the dim bulbs who couldn’t see the project for wondering about the 1 and the 8)

  • 1 would be easy.

    top clock: 6:30
    middle : 6:00
    bottom: 12:00

    any other questions?

  • marcus

    Yeah really similar to christiaan Postma clock.
    I think Postma’s clock was much more elgant anyway

  • This will be ture life reflecting art and back to life.

  • irsa

    well done

  • Sergi

    Useless… 100 clocks to do the same 1 clock can do…

  • raven

    does anyone know how if HS1982 used digital timers behind each analog clock that changed the time every 60 seconds?

    Or.. how was this done? I want to create something like this as a DIY … kind of a hobby actually.