Auditorium and Congress Center in Morro Jable
by Menis Arquitectos



Fernando Menis of Spanish practice Menis Arquitectos have started work on their competition-winning design for an auditorium and congress centre in the Pájara municipality of Fuerteventura, the Canary Islands.


Located above the beaches on the south coast of the island, the building emerges from excavations in the rock.


Menis describes the design, which won a competition for the project last year,  as "a piece which recalls a broken rock, coming away from earth."


Here's some text from Menis Arquitectos:


Auditorium and Congress Center in Morro Jable
Pájara. Fuerteventura

Located in a privileged position, above the beaches at South Fuerteventura, the building emerges through the excavation and the mimesis with the site. Textures, colours and finishes answer to this aim, creating a piece which recalls a broken rock, coming away from earth.


It is a sponge building, able to adapt to different situations and events, flexible, equipped with well balanced acoustics also prepared for different types of events, designed for low energy and maintaining costs.


More about Menis Arquitectos on Dezeen:



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  • modular

    Welcome back 198os….!

  • R

    I do not like the building itself that much, but I can appreciate that they have a distinct style of graphic representation. Especially the first image adds a nice mystique. A welcome relief as slick images become as generic as the buildings they mostly represent.

  • Chris

    How is this 1980’s?

    That presentation style is also quite nice

  • ste

    a nice welcome back imho ;-)

  • jh

    not sure if a photoshop filter is a ‘distinct style of graphic representation’

  • nuku

    very original idea, my curiosity will be the real image, after the end of works