Slussen Masterplan, Stockholm
by Foster + Partners



UK architects Foster + Partners have been appointed to masterplan the Slussen waterfront in central Stockholm, Sweden.


Working with Swedish architects Berg Arkitektkontor, Foster + Partners will remove many of the roads that cut through the waterfront and instead increase pedestrian links.


the project will create two pedestrian bridges between the islands of Södermalm and Gamla Stan.


Further details from Foster + Partners follows:



Foster + Partners appointed to design Slussen masterplan in central Stockholm

Foster + Partners and Berg Arkitektkontor, part of C.F. Møller Architects, have been appointed to design a masterplan for the heart of Stockholm, transforming the waterfront area of Slussen from an urban aberration to a popular destination. The proposal will bring new life to the area, linking the islands of Södermalm and Gamla Stan and stripping away the layers of history to reclaim a valuable city quarter.


For so long separated by a maze of roads and acres of concrete, the two waterfronts will be linked by a new footbridge and the historic lock will be revealed once more to provide a symbol for the area’s regeneration. The masterplan re-establishes the waterfront to give Södermalm a new face. While contemporary in concept, the buildings that form the new city blocks continue the grain and scale of the adjacent urban quarter, retaining the long street views to the water and defining new public squares and extensive waterfront promenades. Their flexible nature allows for a rich mixture of uses, from culture and entertainment to shops and hotels, while the uninterrupted pedestrian quayside incorporates terraces, and promenades served directly by new cafés and restaurants.


At the heart of the new Slussen is an elegant footbridge, which fuses straight and S-shaped decks to complete the missing link in the north-south pedestrian route across central Stockholm. The historic Katarinahissen will also be renovated and extended to serve the quayside level, with a new observation deck built at its top to offer spectacular views over the city’s archipelago.


Reversing the dominance of the car, the scheme gives priority to pedestrians and cyclists. A new transport interchange is incorporated that allows easy pedestrian circulation between an upgraded metro station, bus station and the port quayside. A new lightweight, transparent structure with kiosks, a café and bicycle parking will also be created in front of the City Museum to provide street-level entrance to the naturally lit pedestrian mall and transport hub below.

Spencer de Grey, Head of Design at Foster + Partners, said: “I’m delighted that we have been appointed to design the masterplan for Slussen to revitalise this most important area for future generations to enjoy. This is a wonderful opportunity to reinforce the links between Stockholm’s central islands of Södermalm and Gamla Stan, to repair the fabric of the city and to create a lively new destination that can be enjoyed at all times of the day and night.”

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  • Kungapa

    The spinelessness of the Stockholm govt was really surprising. Not only did they manage to choose one of the most boring proposals (ie not BIG and Nouvel), they actually managed to choose a proposal that makes the place WORSE than it is today.

  • Oh, those fish-eye visualization-renditions always look so sexy!

  • vibenade

    BIG’s Slussen proposal seems more fun and interesting isn’t it?

  • Jürgen

    Gone is the whacky bridge from version one of Foster’s proposal. All that is left in the renderings is tons of people and a bland, blank open space. Maybe this will go the way of the Stockholm library extension winner, which seemed to excert a similar blankness.

  • OP

    Noooo! This is definitely the worst proposal of them all! Even though it’s been reworked, it’s just so… uninspired, bland, plain and boring. The original masterplan from the 30s was at least an obvious product of its time and had qualities thereof. This won’t exactly be remembered as a great urban planning project in 50 years time.

    Booo to the Dark Lord. As always.

  • Luxury Larry

    What’s BIG proposal like? I am interested to see it.

  • Pony the Trap

    How ironic that the Foster submission should be in conjunction with Berg architects who would almost certainly loose its offices in the middle of Slussen were another chosen.

  • Jacques
  • kasorp

    As far as I remember when I was in Stockholm, Slussen is a dark, cold place and I had the impression that I always had to cross the cars’ ways several times to get from Södermalm to Gamla Stan. It was an unpleasant feeling to pass the bridge, a complete contrast to the northern connection to Gamla Stan.
    Foster’s design incorporates an essential element, in my opinion: the seperation of pedestrians and cars on different bridges. I think his design will work very well on this place, I’ve got the impression that these open spaces with bars and restaurants will attract people much more than BIGs concept would. Their design doesn’t care too much for people actually using this place, imho…

  • oxo

    What I know so far, Stockholm is crowded with bycicles but fosters nor big are not counting with that, aren’t they? And that was very impressive to me there. Just nice renders and video how to chill out.

  • Master Plan

    I think the best team won. Thank goodness it wasn’t Nouvel’s giant green behemoth!

  • jean grey

    Stockholm=Architectural backwater

  • wogooo

    i like.

  • Very nice, reminds me a bit of the port area in Barcelona where there is also a fancy walking bridge. Will the bridge connect the mainland with Djurgården or what is the plan?

  • leopodstanicky

    I am speechless – utter perfection! Hälsningar från Czechia !!

  • Architecture Student

    God, BIG’s proposal was so much more interesting!

  • “For so long separated by a maze of roads.” Idiots. They were connected, not separated.

    This is what happens when jerks from outside are brought in to try to solve projects like this.

    The old Slussen was a work of genius and really worked well.

    Take it away. Oops. So thats what it did. Oh well. We don’t live there anyway.